Where to Find a Good Cup O’ Joe in Jax



Now that the weather is starting to cool off, you may find yourself wondering where to sip on a steamy & savory cup of coffee. Jacksonville has countless options, so read on! 

Bold Bean

Bold Bean is one of the best coffee shops, and they have locations by the beach, in Riverside and in San Marco. With coffee, tea and beer options, you have quite a variety of options to choose from. Also, Bold Bean offers oat milk to cater to different dietary preferences. 

Pura Bean Coffee Company

Pura Bean Coffee was opened because the owners were big fans of Costa Rican coffee & lifestyle, and they decided it would be fun to start their own coffee shop in America with the same foundation. To make it even cooler, you’ll order your Costa Rican coffee straight from their 1979 Orange VW Bus. They have all the good vibes at their locations by the beach & in Riverside. 

Sago Coffee

With the goal of bonding beach communities, Sago Coffee is all about providing great-tasting coffee & a great environment. Plus, they partner with a local non-profit organization every quarter, so if you’re ready for some amazing coffee while supporting local causes, give Sago a try.

Vagabond Coffee

“We’re all Vagabonds in search of something…” So why not wander over to Vagabond Coffee? Their restless energy pours out of their coffee to give you an extra boost, and you can buy their coffee by the cup or in bulk. It’s definitely worth trying!

Cup of Job

This coffee shop is unique because it has a religious theme. If you’re craving a cup of joe after church, stop by Cup of Job to keep that energy flowing!  


Coffee isn’t the only perk of Minibar. That’s right…. They offer DONUTS! Their donuts are a third of the size of a regular donut, so you can try more flavors without feeling guilty. Minibar also has specialty coffee flavors, and they even added a drive-through coffee stop to make your visit extra convenient. 

Brew Five Points

Craft brewing & coffee roasting… Sounds like a treat! Also, Brew Five Points makes an app that will match you to a unique beverage, so it removes any anxiety from having to make a decision. 

Southern Grounds

Organic, sustainable ingredients, tasteful coffee, live music on Saturday nights and only steps from the beach… What isn’t there to love? Their social media is popping, their are dessert options, and you can order online! So many good things!


There’s a lot more than just coffee at Delicomb– Açai, egg sandwiches, tuna salads, wraps and paninis! But, let me emphasize that they have an espresso bar. They use a Strongtree coffee roaster, one of only a few in Northeast Florida. So, folks, go get some amazing coffee (and perhaps lunch) at Delicomb.

House of Leaf & Bean

An all-organic blend of Asian and Western culinary traditions, House of Leaf & Bean is also all about blending coffee ingredients and flavors from around the world! Lattes, cappuccinos, double espressos… You’re only going to get the best of the best.

Breezy Coffee Shop

Breezy Coffee Shop is a beachy, quaint, little coffee & tea shop with brunch options. I hear the caramel flavoring & muffins are amazing. With friendly service and a nice, quiet atmosphere, you can’t simply drive by this cute place on 3rd St. Go in and get yourself to a pipin’ hot beverage and stroll down to the beach afterward. 

Sippers Coffeehouse

Going to the Town Center can be a bit hectic, but it might be worth it for Sippers Coffeehouse! Sippers has a unique, homegrown, and welcoming vibe! Aside from warm coffee, their warm ambiance includes mismatched dishes, worn-in couches and shabby chic repurposed furniture. With their lunch & coffee options, you could definitely stay for a while. 

Cool Moose Cafe

Cool Moose is a quaint neighborhood spot with food and an extensive coffee list, and you can also enjoy beer, wine and mimosas! Cool Moose has a simple mission of serving delicious food while providing an expansive selection of coffee, all at your own enjoyment. So make your way out to Riverside, possibly with a cute date, and go enjoy some coffee! 

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