Treat Yourself to Delicious Brews and Sick Views at Our Favorite Rooftop Bars in Jax



While many of us search for a way to socialize outdoors and get our buzz on at the same time, Jacksonville has an answer with its growing number of rooftop bars.

Whether you’re trying to catch the suns’ rays without feeling trapped inside or just looking for a fun evening with a great atmosphere, these rooftop bars are the solution.

Keep reading to discover the top social spots in Riverside with wonderful scenery and comfortable seating, an amazing steakhouse with an even better view in the downtown area, the beach’s most well-known rooftop for drinks, a growing chain pub that is expanding with better views, a rooftop bar right at the heart of Jacksonville’s shopping center, and an entertainment center that is not only focused on rooftop drinking but also on its golf game. So if you’re ready to get your drink on, stay calm and read on.

Black Sheep

black shee

Photo Credit: @blacksheep5points

Proud of their aptitude to source most of their fresh ingredients from local and regional farmers, maybe it’s the sheer number of marvelous attributes that make Black Sheep a black sheep. Black Sheep Restaurant has an expansive menu with plenty of amazing options, but the best thing they offer is happy hour drink pricing all night as a daily special. Black Sheep also lies in the historic Five Points of Jacksonville, an area burrowed in Riverside that contains a characteristic vintage feel with all of the picturesque shops and inns.

#FrayLife Tip: If you really want to schmooze a date, bring him or her to Black Sheep and lay on the charm with the romantic atmosphere, wonderful food, remarkable drinks, and scenic view of the town.

Cowford Chophouse

Photo Credit: Cowford Chophouse

With an elaborate menu, Cowford Chophouse is known for its sizzling-hot, savory steaks. They have the “Cowford Cuts,” which are 17 flavorful meat options that serve as their top dinner choices. To add to the fire, this restaurant has a happy hour Monday through Friday from 3-6PM, perfect for anyone heading over after work for a quick drink. The only downside for dinner is that their rooftop tables normally have to be reserved, instead of eating on the fly, due to its popularity with the gorgeous views of Downtown Jacksonville. So can you even really call that a negative?

#FrayLife Tip: No need to stress about parking before dinner, complimentary valet is available for all dining guests.

Casa Marina

Photo Credit: @casamarinahotel

Casa Marina is one of the more intriguing rooftop bars in Jacksonville Beach with one of the coolest shoreline rooftop views offered, as it directly overlooks the ocean.  Though the dinner menu is limited, there is happy hour Monday through Friday with late-night drink specials on the weekends, discounted martinis, and even a Ladies Night. The real seller on this place will always be its rooftop, giving everyone a splendid view of the ocean and a great backdrop for pictures.

#FrayLife Tip: Casa Marina has been recognized as one of Florida’s Historic Hotels of America and is an awesome spot to host a big party, wedding reception or other gatherings.


Photo Credit: Moxie

Located in the heart of Jacksonville’s Town Center, Moxie gives you the option to get drunk on a rooftop and then shop. With a great rooftop bar that allows you to be outside, you overlook a scenic lake with a fountain, rather than the business of the shopping plaza. Moxie offers daily happy hours, as well as Late Night Happy Hour Friday and Saturday. The atmosphere is extremely fun and you can roam about freely from downstairs to the rooftop.

#FrayLife Tip: Trying to pig out while you get your buzz on? One of their chefs has been bestowed two “Best Chef: South James Beard Award” nominations, so you can rest assured that the food is nothing short of amazing.


Photo Credit: Top Golf

While it is understandably known for providing the option to golf whether rain or shine, TopGolf also gives you a chance to people-watch (this is particularly the best when they miss the golf ball) while you sip on some drinks… on a rooftop… like a boss. If you just happen to drop in and must wait for a bay, it is a great place to get some pre-golf food and drinks at their full-service restaurant and rooftop bar. If you think ahead, you can reserve a bay online and, with their climate-controlled bays, adjust your AC and heat settings to your liking.

#FrayLife Tip: Topgolf also allows you to pre-book bigger parties, where your food is set up as a buffet at your bay and beer can be brought to you by the bucket.

River & Post

Photo Credit: River and Post

As the saying goes, “You’ll come for the view, but you’ll come back for the flavor,” River & Post certainly holds up to this expectation. While their outdoor rooftop bar is absolutely astounding and gives a stunning view of Downtown Jacksonville, River & Post has a mission to provide memorable accommodations both inside and out. The restaurant is breathtaking. It just launched in Jacksonville and is getting started with the fine-dining experience, but locals are already raving about it.


Photo Credit: @hoptinger

Since people like Hoptinger Bier Garden & Sausage House so much in Jacksonville, there are actually 3 of them! Make no mistake that the one with the wonderful rooftop bar is in Riverside. Hoptinger has more than 60 taps to serve craft beer, with a written list of these beers on the wall of their restaurant. They also include a full liquor bar and a unique menu with tons of sausage creations. Their inspiration for all of this comes from a magical land called Bruvania, a well-crafted story you can read on their website about a land full of people that loved beer and sausage. Another rooftop bar in Five Points, this little area of Riverside has a majestic feel with its charming views.

Whether you are a big fan of drinking or not, head to these rooftop bars for some stunning views, awesome food, and a chance to be outside. When you hit them up, make sure to share us in your fun by tagging #FrayLife in your social posts!

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