Warm Weather in #JAX: Your Guide to Summer Fun



The weather can be all over the place in Jax, but that doesn’t stop us! For those fortunate days where the sun is shining and you’re thinking, what do I do with myself? I have a list of activities for summer in Jacksonville! Whether you’re making new friends, grabbing the go-to squad, or going solo, there is always something to do.

The Beach 

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I know, I know. This is an obvious activity for the summer. You might even be tired of the beach (I can’t fathom this but I know some people feel this way). But, at least, we have a beach in Jacksonville! 

#FrayLifeTip: Beer isn’t allowed to be publicly exposed on the beach, so be sure you hide it in a container or water bottle.

Jumbo Shrimp 

Warm nights mean baseball nights, am I right? The Jumbo Shrimp play all summer, with super affordable tickets to go watch! They always have cool events like family night, movie night, and certain pet-lover evenings, 

#FrayLifeTip: Thursday nights are the best because beer is only $1!

Jacksonville Zoo 

Going to the zoo is always a good time, but it’s not so fun when it’s cold. If you want a lucrative date or a fun family activity, the Jacksonville Zoo is where it’s at! 

#FrayLifeTip: Admission is typically $20 per person.

Dreamette Ice Cream 

It’s hot, so what better way to cool off than with some amazing, popular, creamy, and budget-friendly ice cream? With plenty of flavors and plenty of visitors, Dreamette is my recommended ice cream joint to try out!

#FrayLifeTip: They only take cash, y’all. No credit cards!

Riverside Arts Market 

Every Saturday in downtown Jacksonville, the Riverside Arts Market is going down with hundreds of vendors! From handmade pottery to T-shirts to fresh produce, you can browse through great selections. 

Golf Courses 

 Take your pick from over 75 miles of coastal golf courses in northeast Florida!  Thanks to Florida’s First Coast of Golf, playing golf in Jacksonville can be easy and affordable. With courses like TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra, the possibilities are endless.

Jax Ale Trail 

This one is a great one. The Jax Ale Trail lets you try out Jacksonville’s best breweries along the brewery trail! Don’t feel like you need to do this all in 1 day, because I am not sure if it’s even possible…You can win prizes and, of course, have awesome drinks.


#FrayLifeTip: There are 18 breweries and they span all the way from downtown to the beaches.

MOSH Boat Tours 

 Who wants to sail on a boat and feel the breeze in their hair? These science & history river tours are accompanied by a guide, who can give you the whole spiel on the value of the St. Johns River in our community. Only $15, people!


#FrayLifeTip: They are always 30-minute tours, starting at 4 pm.

Void’s Sip N Slide 

Sippin’ on your fav beers while you slide down some waterslides…What else could be more child-adult-like and Floridian at the same time? This year’s Sip N Slide is going down on July 3rd! Get yo’self a ticket and go have a blast.


#FrayLifeTip: They offer lockers so you can take your phone and belongings and lock them up once you’re there.

Hanna Park 

 Great waves for surfing, tons of fresh water for kayaking, camping sites, biking trails, and mucho más, Hanna Park is always a great summer spot. If you’re willing to drive to the Mayport area, give it a whirl.


#FrayLifeTip: You have to pay a daily admission fee of $5, or you can just get the annual pass for $99.

Lemon Bar 

Obviously, drinking in the summer (or anytime, really) is always fun. But one of the most popular bars around town is Lemon Bar in Atlantic Beach. This bumping bar is perfect for day drinking, with the beach right next to ya! 

#FrayLifeTip: Parking is scarce, so I recommend Ubering (it’s safer if you’re drinking, anyways).

Dog Parks 

 We got dog parks here and dog park there…just dog parks, everywhere! You don’t want to be the creepy guy who came without a dog, so this is really just a shout-out to the dog owners. Most of these parks let you pay a monthly fee or just by the day but typically include huge trails and fields, water for swimming, and treats! 

Amelia Island 

With its 13 miles of beaches, historic attractions and relaxed atmosphere, Amelia Island is a charming place, only 30 minutes northeast of Jax! You can typically see some gators, hike through the state park, or just sprawl out on the beach.


#FrayLifeTip: It’s FREE.

Southbank Riverwalk 

One of the top destinations for festivals, races, and public art, Southbank Riverwalk is for those who love running and strolling along the St. Johns River, watching boats, birds, and the downtown skyline’s reflection in the water! Embrace the warmth and enjoy the view!

Whether you’re in the downtown area or enjoy frolicking on the beaches, there are summer events all over the city! 


Where do you like to go in the summer, let us know in the comments  and don’t forget to tag us on socials using #JAXFray and #FrayLife.

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