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Looking to cool off during these warm summer days? I also bet your sweet tooth is kicking, and you’re looking to satisfy it with some sweet, sweet ice cream, huh? Lucky for you, Jacksonville has TONS of delicious ice cream spots to hit up. Whether you’re trying to impress a special someone with a dessert date, hanging with whole squad, or just going solo for some sweet treats, you have a lot of options!


So I know they may seem hard to find online, but Dreamette is one of the more popular places in Jacksonville. Dreamette supports a lot of other local businesses and has a ton of holiday specials, so people flock to this place like crazy! They give you a lot of ice cream at a low price, so it’s definitely worth a visit. (3646 Post St // 11am – 8:45pm // $)


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#FrayLifeTip: They have deals on Groupon quite often, so I recommend checking there before heading into the shop!

Whit’s Frozen Custard 

Whit’s is the BOMB. There are 5 locations in Jacksonville now, but the roots actually stem back to Ohio! With special flavors, take-home pints, favorite sundaes, and famous “whitsers”, this is everyone’s go-to spot. PLUS, you can find coupons all the time! (5 Locations // 11am – 10pm // $)

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Rita’s Ice 

With Rita’s, you have your choice of 2 locations, with one in Jax Beach and one on Hodges. Italian ice, cream ice, frozen custard, creamy concretes, sundaes, and gelatis. With punny words for your usual options, this place has got the GOODS. They also have a promotional section on their website with plenty of deals. (2 Locations // 12-9 pm // $)

Five Fx Ice Cream and Waffles

– Rolled ice cream, taiyaki, coffee and drinks, and just plain normal ice cream…You certainly can fill a lot of sweet cravings at Five Fx! With 36 flavors and tons of toppings, this is a great spot to get your fill. I highly recommend Five Fx for an affordable date, too! (2 Locations in Jax // 12-11 pm // $)

Mayday Ice Cream 

I dare you to go to their website and NOT go out in search of ice cream. With 3 locations, Mayday actually got its name from clever pilots who could make ice cream and sustain it in freezing temperatures at war. Homemade sprinkles, flavors, and waffles, there are 23 DELICIOUS flavors. (3 Locations // 11am – 10pm // $)


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#FrayLifeTip: They actual DELIVER frozen pints of ice cream to your door! For $12, you can quickly get a treat without even leaving your home.


 Specializing in shaved ice rather than traditional ice cream, Snowgenix makes it “snow” with ice cream! With creative toppings that really spruce up your treat, indulge in something like the Moody Mango or Bruce Lychee. They even serve condensed milk in a cute syringe! (9932 Old Baymeadows Rd // 1-10 pm // $)

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 So would you like your scoop of cookie dough or ice cream? Because you can get either one (or both!) at Doughsserts! There are a ton of cookie dough flavors, ice cream flavors, brookie bars, cookies, and more! This place is a FAN FAVORITE all across Jacksonville. Give it a whirl, y’all. (7643 Gateway Pkwy. Suite 107 // 12-9 pm // $$)

Jeremiah’s Italian Ice of Mandarin 

 Currently serving 25 flavors, Jeremiah’s Italian Ice of Mandarin is scooping up tasty frozen treats with their perfect layering of Italian ice paired with rich and creamy, soft ice cream. Their motto is “live life to the coolest!” and you sure CAN if you give Jeremiah’s a shot! (9891 San Jose Blvd. // 11am – 10pm // $)

Marble Slab Creamery 

 Create your own cake, get yourself a sweet ice cream innovation, or indulge in a classic pie. Whatever your heart desires, you have a lot of creamy ice cream treats (and more!) at Marble Slab Creamery. To make it even better, you can purchase a cake voucher and it actually gives a donation to the fundraiser of your choosing! (2000-1 Hendricks Ave // 12-10 pm // $)

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“A Scoop Above the Rest.” That’s Bruster’s claim to fame! Aside from amazing ice cream, sorbets, freezes, and cakes, you can sign up for their rewards program and get a $3 reward right away! Come on, folks, smooth, creamy ice cream is the richest reward in life! (12224 Atlantic Blvd // 11am – 10pm // $)

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Kilwins at the Town Center 

Okay, so I know Kilwins is a chain but I also KNOW that it is amazing. Everyone loves a good scoop of Kilwin’s. Creamy, delectable, affordable ice cream! With 44 flavors, no wonder everyone loves it. Plus, if you go to the location at the Town Center, you can do some shopping afterwards! (10281 Midtown Parkway #125 // 8am – 10pm // $$)


The cool thing about Thaice is that they have a very quick ordering system and then they make your sweet treat, right in front of you! There are a ton of flavors and toppings combinations. They lay the “thai ice” flat out on a pan and basically roll it up, so you get quite the presentation of rolled ice cream! (12620 Beach Blvd // 3-10 pm // $)

Pelican’s Snoballs 

 Pelican’s Snoballs is amaze-balls. It might seem overwhelming that you have 100 flavors to choose from, BUT you have every type of yummy flavor for whatever you’re craving! They basically make you a sno-cone but stuff creamy ice cream in the middle. It’s a different approach, but everyone sure likes it in Jax Beach. (1029 3rd St N // 12-9 pm // $)


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Cool off this summer in Jax with some rich, creamy ice cream! When people happily scream for summer, we all know they happily scream for ice cream. Show us those tasty treats using #JAXFray and #FrayLife 

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