These Are The Coolest Spots in Jax to Watch The Summer’s Hottest Movies



You know when you’re seeing the trailer for an awesome movie over and over and over again?

And all you can think is ‘I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THIS’. Or even if you’re a movie buff, you may excitedly think, ‘I WANT THE BEST THEATRE FOR THIS’.

Whether you think in all caps or not, keep reading for Jacksonville’s list of best movie theatres and what each one offers, so you can get the most out of that movie you have just have been squirming to see…or to find a comfy place to snuggle with a hot date.

Cinemark Tinseltown

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While Cinemark has some awesome movie theatres across the nation, it definitely rings true for Tinseltown in Jacksonville. With both plush lounger seats and a food menu, you can watch your movie comfortably with a full belly. What beats that? And if you are one of those serious movie buffs, Cinemark offers a Movie Club Membership for only $8.99 a month! You’ll get 20% off concessions and a movie ticket every month that rolls over even if you don’t use it. So if you’re greedy and want that plump seat while you snack and watch your film, this is the spot.

#FrayLifeTip: Tinseltown has a lot of gift cards to save you some money, like the Platinum Supersaver for a free movie or the Concession Supersaver for a free popcorn and soda.

AMC Regency 24

Photo Credit: AMC Theatres

With fancy recliners and reserved seating, AMC Regency is the place for anyone looking for not only a fun time, but a stress-free experience. Even on their website, you can pre-plan your outing by filtering through comfortable seating options and all the yummy food you want. It even lets you set a reminder for upcoming releases near you. AMC Regency also has a lot of promotions t if you want to see a movie BEFORE it is actually released. So if you’d call yourself a big movie buff, look no further!

#FrayLifeTip: AMC Regency is known for $5 Ticket Tuesdays, where you can watch every movie for only $5 on any Tuesday!

San Marco Theatre

Photo Credit: San Marco

The thing that makes the San Marco Theatre so distinguishable is the fact that you can DRINK. With both beer and wine available, there is also a food menu where everything is handmade and FRESH for a local feel. This theatre was built in 1938 and really tries to embody the Art Deco trend with its interior feel, something that keeps it unique. If you’re near the San Marco area and in need of a new movie, hit up the San Marco Theatre for a good time.

#FrayLifeTip: This movie theatre really tries to build off of a local reputation so they encourage all visitors to contact them and share their personal stories here – so cute.

Regal Beach Boulevard Stadium 18

Photo Credit: Spinnaker

Of all theatres on this page, Regal is probably the least glamorous, but the best bang for your buck with most movie tickets at only $10. As the only theatre beachside in Jacksonville, Regal always has an expansive list of movies playing and offers $1 off per ticket if you have a student ID (so you should borrow a student ID if you don’t have one). With a traditional concession stand as part of a traditional movie theatre, Regal shoots to offer some promotions to keep people coming around – the best part. So always keep your eyes out for that.

#FrayLife Tip: Join the Regal Crown Club – there are tons of discounts and extra perks that are always offered at Regal Beach Boulevard!

Sun-Ray Cinema

Photo Credit: Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville

As one of those rare cases where you can actually find an independent film exhibitor, Sun-Ray Cinema is just that! This movie theatre is functioning in a 90-year-old space and is proud to make it known that they represent those old-school movie theatres. Located over in Riverside, Sun-Ray is only ever playing 2 or 3 movies in a single day in their tiny charming theatre. However, they have food and beverage service seatside that lets you place your order, go to your seat with a pager, wait for the pager to glow, and they bring the food out to you! Talk about good, ole’ fashioned charm.

#FrayLifeTip: Sun-Ray is huge into branding that old-school atmosphere, as it started as a single screen theatre in 2011 and expanded with their second auditorium in 2013.

All in all, Jacksonville has got its strong variety of movie theatres. Whether each one is best known for its plush seats, IMAX screens, or charming environment, you always get a good assortment to pick from. Now we just need to take the next step and get that drive-in movie theatre we have all been waiting for!

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