Ready to Treat your Sweet Tooth: Guide To All Things Sweet in JAX



Do you love to treat yo’self? If so, that is perfect because Jacksonville has a ton of good places to do it! That’s right…I’m talking about desserts. Now, we all know that you can find ice cream left and right. BUT what about bakeries?…french pastries?…cupcakes? I am here to help provide the sweet, sweet guide to satisfying your sweet tooth.

Sweet by Holly 

Anyone heard of the TV show, Cupcake Wars? It is AWESOME. Well, as a true testimony to how great Sweet by Holly is, they were featured on that show! Sweet by Holly is everyone’s favorite place for cupcakes and cakes alike. With seasonal themes, a large menu, and plenty of creative options, it is everyone’s FAV.


#FrayLifeTip: On Mondays, you can get mini cupcakes for only $1.

Le Macaron

With 20 flavors, Le Macaron creates sweet, sweet macarons that are all quite delectable and gluten-free! This luscious dessert menu includes gourmet chocolates, creamy French gelato, specialty European style coffees, and classic French pastries. Head to Ponte Vedra and give the menu a whirl.


#FrayLifeTip: They have limited-time season macaron offerings, so don’t miss ’em!


Bundt cakes, cupcakes, ice cream…oh my! With cupcake flavors like chocolate coconut pecan, sweet potato, mint chocolate, and much more, how could you resist trying CamiCakes out? It gets better; you can order ONLINE and skip the wait. PLUS, the prices are phenomenal so this spot is perfect for a cute date and for your own taste buds.

Lucy’s Sweet Shop

Very new to the Jax Beach area, Lucy’s Sweet Shop specializes in freshly baked, hand-decorated cakes, cookies, and cupcakes for all occasions! And, if you’re keeping up with the trends, Lucy’s even offers CBD cookies for all those of you who are into that. Whether you’re looking for a bulk order or just a quick stop by the shop, give it a try.

Motion Sweets

If you’re ever in the Riverside area, take the time to swing by Motion Sweets for a treat (or two)! Priding themselves for daring into uncharted territories of baking, Motion Sweets has high-quality American and French pastries like cheesecake, brownies, macarons, bread pudding, and MORE.


#FrayLifeTip: They are decorated to match the Riverside vibe so they have an urban interior with window seating to let all guests gaze out at passerby in the heart of Historic Five Points.

Liberty Bakery

Liberty Bakery keeps it fresh by offering weekly specials, with tasty quiche flavors in the morning and popular daily macaron flavors! You can get a slice of banana pudding cheesecake for as low as $3.97, so WOW. With breakfast treats and classic desserts, you have an array of options at Liberty Bakery!


#FrayLifeTip: Everyone raves about the staff, as they are super friendly. You won’t be disappointed!

Ya Ya Sweets

This sweets shop is definitely more known for personalizing your treats. For custom sweets as odd as Bridal Shower Naughty Cookies, Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Cake, and more, Ya Ya Sweets is your go-to bakery. Bread’s, cookies, cakes, Greek pastries…You name IT. If you are hosting a party soon or want something customized for the heck of it, you know where to go!


Do you ever just add “cakes” onto the end of your friend’s name? Like Pattycakes or Rudycakes? That’s why Alleycakes is just so cute…Well, plus they have a ton of awesome desserts. With hand-dipped cake pops, mini pies, brownies, sweet shots, and a VAST cupcake menu, Alleycakes is a great spot to check out to please your tummy.

Peterbrooke Chocolatier

Specializing in chocolate covered popcorn, Peterbrooke Chocolatier has quite an assortment for all your needs. Whether you want boxes, baskets, or buckets of chocolate popcorn, you can find it here! Dig in, friends!


#FrayLifeTip: This isn’t the spot to go if you’re looking to browse all types of chocolate because they REALLY focus on the popcorn aspect.

Sweet Theory Baking Co.

People just RAVE about the donuts, the ice cream is AMAZING, and there are special vegan treats! Sweet Theory Baking has so many delightful treats and so many positive reviews. As one complimentary customer said, what kind of crack do they roll in their dough that keeps everyone coming back?

So now that you’ve read about all these amazing sweet shops that you can find in Jacksonville, is your mouth watering? Mine sure is. For all of you looking for a yummy & affordable date, a great place to find party favors, or just a nice slice of pie, look no further.

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