5 Reasons Your Company Should Build a JAX Fray Corporate Team



All work and no play? There’s an easy fix for that…building a JAX Fray Corporate Team! You might be thinking your week is already filled with too many scheduled activities, but getting your company to take the bonding outside of the office might just be the best idea EVER. Why, you ask?

Play Promotes Creativity!

We all know play promotes creativity in kids- that’s why kindergarten was full of games and recess was a staple throughout your education. The truth is- that never ends. As adults, play reduces stress, improves brain function, supercharges learning and inspires great ideas. Chances are you never have your best ideas while sitting at your desk, so take your team outside the office and see what movement and fun can inspire! Creating a JAX Fray corporate team is like incorporating recess back into your life as an adult.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

There’s a reason your company sets aside time for that annual retreat or forces you to engage in personality surveys and team exercises. Teamwork is crucial to a well-oiled operation, but unfortunately, an annual exercise usually is not enough to make a lasting influence on your team’s comradery skills. Coming together for a common goal, like crushing an opponent at bocce, kickball or flag football, is a much better team builder. You’ll get to learn more about the dynamics of your office, identify natural leaders and develop problem-solving styles as a group without the office-driven stress. If you’re working together on the field, you might find yourselves working better together in your field, as well.

You might make a new friend!

If your office is large enough, there is a good chance there’s a quiet coworker or someone who sits far enough away that you’ll never cross paths. Joining a team gives workers the chance to come out of their shells and make connections with people they would otherwise never have a reason to chat with. It’s always beneficial to connect with people beyond those you work with directly. Is it time to make a new friend? This is the perfect way to do it! Creating a corporate team may also help you gain a new coffee or happy hour buddy at the office.


You’ll gain an energy boost!

If you’re like me, dragging yourself to the gym after a long day at the office is often impossible, plus spending MORE time inside seems like a sin. Adding a weekly athletic game will get you moving without feeling like you’re working out. Plus, you’ll be able to soak up that much-needed sunshine! Beyond the obvious benefits of regular exercise, like less disease and body fat, you’ll also feel more energized. A little extra energy can go a long way to reaching your goals.

Having something to look forward to helps your week speed by!

Why can’t weekends be longer? If your weeks seem to drag and days seem to lull, having an activity to look forward to post 5 o’clock might help break up your work week and get you excited for the games to come! Nothing like a break from your usual work-gym-bed routine like a team activity! Especially if you’re trying a sport you’ve never played before, learning a new sport can add anticipation and excitement to an otherwise boring work week.

Bonus: You’ll get a sweet deal from JAX Fray.

The best part of JAX Fray Corporate leagues is that you get an incredible set-up. We offer full or partial subsidizing options from your company’s cardholders, as well as sweet personalized t-shirts, an exclusive team-management dashboard and unlimited rosters so everyone can be invited. Use these 5 bullets to sell your boss or HR professional, and let’s get to making fun possible!


Wanna grab a bite with your co-workers and continue getting to know each other of the field? We’ve got you covered with these amazing JAX tacos!

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