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No matter where you come from or how you identify, you are simply in the wrong if you don’t like tacos. And because of the world’s love of tacos, we must assume people in Jacksonville love tacos. And because people in Jacksonville love tacos, we must assume there are some awesome taco places.

Well, these assumptions are CORRECT. So, if you’re asking yourself where you can find some awesome tacos this Cinco de Mayo (maybe even at a discount?), look no further. These 6 Mexican places will have you partying it up in celebration! 

Taco Lu

Photo Credit: Jax Restaurant

You could probably ask anyone in Jax about their recommended taco restaurant, and about 99% will say Taco Lu. Originally starting in 2008 as a tiny taco shack, Taco Lu has now grown into an aesthetically pleasing, big restaurant that even has valet parking. Aside from their brightly-colored painting and decor, this Mexican restaurant appeals to many for their “wheel of fortune” offer. All that is required is you pay $1 and spin the wheel. If you’re lucky, you end up with a shot of Tequila. If you’re a loser, you either win nothing or some disgusting shot that no one wants to take, which is arguably worse than nothing. The biggest pro of Taco Lu and its welcoming atmosphere is the great list of flavorful margaritas. If you’re on the search for tacos and a drunken adventure, go to Taco Lu.

#FrayLife Tip: Taco Lu is closed on Mondays, so don’t make the mistake of heading over there on a Monday night!

Burrito Gallery

Photo Credit: Scoutology

Offering a number of weekly specials, Burrito Gallery has a Taco Tuesday deal focused on their market-value fish, which are scrumptious (and not at full cost, which is obviously the best part). The menu at Burrito Gallery focuses on burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and fresh salads, but they also have a big emphasis on breakfast! On Saturdays and Sundays, they offer brunch all day. Their newest location has opened up in Jax Beach, but they have two other locations with one in Riverside and one downtown. Of course, aside from a variety of Mexican foods, Burrito Gallery has a great margarita and cocktail list, always aiming to please.

#FrayLife Tip: If you are looking for tacos with a view, Burrito Gallery in Riverside has rooftop seating. It is the only location with the rooftop service available!

Flying Iguana

Photo Credit: Best Media

Flying Iguana is definitely one of the most well-known Mexican restaurants in Jacksonville, located right next to the beach in Neptune Beach. Due to its popularity, they offer valet parking AND the largest selection of tequila in town! The Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback, Blake Bortles, even stated that Flying Iguana was his favorite dinner restaurant. Their taco selection is elaborate, but what is even better is that they will serve it to you in perfect taco separator stands so that it makes them easy to grab without falling apart. Flying Iguana also takes pride in their churros and offers them with a dipping side of chocolate drizzle.

#FrayLife Tip: Flying Iguana also has a secret menu with changes in the food options regularly, so ask your server for the secret menu to get something extra creative…and super secretive.

Corner Taco

Photo Credit: Public Broadcasting

Because the chef is also the owner, Corner Taco is most notably known for its outstanding food and deals on drinks. If you’re a big boy and can handle pouring back drinks, Corner Taco offers $15 craft pitchers all day, as well as $2 PBR Tall Boys. All their tacos are known for being a bit eccentric with a ton of flavor and even Corner Taco calls them “Mexclectic Tacos” on their menu. One of these funky options is a dijon buttermilk fried chicken taco…super amazing, pretty unbeatable.

#FrayLife Tip: Their happy hour is super short, only going from 3-5 PM Monday through Friday, so feel free to fake a sick day from work if you want to try it out.

The Pier Cantina

Photo Credit: Eat.drink.jax

As one of most popular places in Jax Beach to go for drinks, tacos, dancing, and DJs, The Pier Cantina & Sandbar also has the perk of being located right at the bottom of the Jacksonville Beach Pier! If you are ever looking for a Sunday Funday, this place TURNS UP. But if you also just want a bomb-ass margarita with some really great fish tacos and even a possible view of the ocean, Pier Cantina is the place for that. They have seating on the 2nd floor with giant garage-door windows that give you a magnificent view while the ocean breeze blows right in. You can also sit outside on the ground level, right next to the beach boardwalk (honestly the best place to people-watch, as there are some insane crazies in Jacksonville). Whether you’re on the search for some good grub or a good time, Pier Cantina offers both!

#FrayLife Tip: Once it gets a bit later in the evening, the downstairs will host local musicians while upstairs will come to life with booming DJ’s.

Cantina Louie

Photo Credit: Void

With 3 locations pretty spread out throughout Jacksonville, Cantina Louie is another hit spot for remarkable, authentic Mexican food. Also, they have daily drink specials so it is always easy to snag a deal. A big favorite is their house margarita because it is a steal and it is STRONG. They also have happy hour every day from 2-6 PM, so an absolutely perfect time to get the $3.99 house margarita…and get wasted. If you have a love of tacos and margaritas, be sure to try Cantina Louie.

#FrayLife Tip: The location in Fernandina Beach has outdoor seating right next to a lake, which is a pretty wholesome view. The location in Jacksonville Beach has outdoor seating with cornhole though, so it is a toss-up.

If you know you’re one of those great people in the world with a love of tacos (and a love of margaritas), then try out any of Jacksonville’s top-notch Mexican restaurants! Next time you’re sitting back back, relaxing, and stuffing your face with tacos, make sure to share the experience by tagging #FrayLife in your social posts.

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