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You’re in Jacksonville for the holidays, lucky you! Maybe you know all the best surf spots or top 5 places to grab poke bowls, but do you know what to get that special someone (or how to do it without breaking the bank)? STAY CALM. I have crafted a cunning Holiday Gift Guide to solve this dilemma and support the locals. Read on, my friends.

Gifts for Mom:

Photo Cred: Big Fish Power Yoga

Sidney Cardel’s –  Looking for a great beach vibe that your mom can somehow showcase in her home? Sidney Cardel’s in Jax Beach has a bunch of cute beachy knick knacks that won’t break the bank. With beautiful, scented candles, beachy totes, summer dresses, and shell necklaces, you can find a perfect, affordable gift for any lucky lady.

Skin & Glam Spa – In Florida, we always have to worry about fine lines & wrinkles with all the extra sun exposure! But NOT TODAY. Go ahead & gift your mom a $50 gift card to Skin & Glam Spa, where she can indulge in a facial, peel, and much more. The staff are kind and know how to treat a woman!

Big Fish Yoga – Absolutely taking off in Jacksonville, Big Fish Yoga is the most popular, go-to yoga provider in the area! With so many women stoked about it, buy a month’s worth for any of the women in your life looking to become more flexible. Their programs range from a gentle deep stretch to power yoga, so you can find something for everyone.

Gifts for the Girlfriend:

The Copper Closet – If you’re over in the trendy Riverside area, I highly recommend The Copper Closet if you’re looking for a fashionable and affordable gift for the girlfriend. They have cute cardigans, tops, pants, and jackets as their most popular items. They even have some Jags-specific apparel for all your sports-loving women!

#FrayLifeTip: These products swing more towards a young adult crowd, so they make better gifts for a girlfriend or sister, rather than your mama.

Underwood’s Jewelers – Want to get your lady something special, with a little more meaning? Think about a beautiful necklace or ring from Underwood’s Jewelers! With a huge selection and a quick turnaround for size adjustments, this place is a big hit. Save up some money and treat your lady at any of the three locations in Jacksonville.

La Bella Mi – If you have a lady looking for a massage, facial, or any skincare treatment, give her a real treat with a gift card to La Bella Mi in Jax Beach. La Bella Mi also offers body & foot scrubs for super low pricing, so how can you resist such a high quality gift with so many choices?!

Gifts for Dad:

Pratt Guys Grills – You’re lucky if you have a dad who loves to sip on beer and grill out (assuming he makes it for you…). If you’re looking to get your generous father some new grill accessories, a cover, or even a new grill, head to Pratt Guys in Jacksonville! They have everything you would need for an awesome gift.

Yeti at Ace Hardware – It might sound like a random place to be looking at Yetis, but Ace Hardware in Jax Beach has got the HOOK UP. Basically any color, size, or style of Yeti you are searching for is available at Ace Hardware right when you walk through the door. So if you have a dad that likes to fish or just wants his water cold, Ace has got the goods.

Ikea – When Ikea came to Jax, it immediately took off. The Jacksonville Ikea is a perfect spot to find something big or small for your dad. If you’re thinking coasters or spatulas, Ikea has GREAT prices. If you want to get him a new home office chair, go get the best bang for your buck. Either way, Ikea never leaves you empty-handed.

Gifts for the Boyfriend:

Photo Cred: Turner Construction

Sunrise Surf Shop – Even if your boyfriend doesn’t surf, Sunrise Surf Shop still has an awesome selection of stuff. If you have a man that wants a GoPro, Sunrise has it. If he wants some new shades, Sunrise has high-quality Spy+ sunglasses. If he wants some new shoes, Vans are what everyone is wearing nowadays! You can’t go wrong with Sunrise.

Beau Outfitters – If you’re dating a man who you want to surprise with better dresswear or new golfing attire, head to Beau Outfitters. With nice polos and button downs, it makes for a perfect gift if you’re willing to spend the dough. They even have some casual flannels if your man digs the plaid.

Jacksonville Cooking Class – Okay, so this one may be more a gift for yourself than for him, but if you want to improve your dinners together, get a dinner date cooking class! Jax Cooking Studio has a variety of classes, where you can specialize in tacos, desserts, stews, and much more. Affordable and a good learning experience, it makes a great cozy gift.

TopGolf Outing – Everyone loves TopGolf. So make a reservation for you and your man at Topgolf Jacksonville! Get a nice bay and a beer bucket, and you two can cozily hit golf balls together. Maybe you can even surprise him with dinner after! Talk about a perfect gift.

Gifts for Friends, Siblings, and Anyone Else less Special (JK):

Photo Cred: 5 Points Candle Co.

Custom Wristbands – This one is really unique. If you have a group of friends that all tailgate together at Jags games, get matching wristbands through Wristband Bros in Jacksonville! Maybe you just have a tight squad and you all do something fun on a certain night of the week…get those homies some wristbands!

5 Points Candle Co. – If you have a great gal pal that loves good-smelling scents, head to 5 Point Candle Co. for some local Jacksonville candles that smell AWESOME. Just walk in and breathe in those great smells, and you’ll KNOW you made a great choice.

#FrayLifeTip: They also have coconut oil soaps and other creative things that are great for your skin.

1st Place Sports – I know you are active and always eyeing running clubs and 5Ks, so why not look at some new shoes for you and your running buddy? If you can sneakily get his or her shoe size, head to 1st Place Sports to pick out a well-cushioned, quality shoe for your friend. Then, when they run a new PR, you can take credit.

Head to any of these locations to find some truly dope presents to give to your people! Jacksonville has its array of choices, so roam about the town and use #FrayLife and #JAXFray to let us know what you find along the way.

Happy shopping!

If you’re looking for more than just stuff to gift, maybe give the gift of spending time together with one of these festive events going on this month in Jacksonville.

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