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So you’re one of those people who has been inspired to eat healthy. Or MAYBE you have even turned to the crazy side as a vegan (gasp). Whatever your case, you’re on the hunt for a great place for organic and locally-grown food! Jacksonville has your back with its selection of Farmers Markets for all your fruit, veggies, meats, and cheese needs to always keep you cheesin’. We’ve got your back when it comes to finding the best of the best.

Here are 4 of our favorite Jax farmers markets:

Beaches Green Market

Photo Credit: Void Magazine Beaches

The Beaches Green Market is definitely a low-key Farmers Market that you happen to drive by, but then adventurously go in one day, and end up loving the experience. This Farmers Market takes place in Jarboe Park in Neptune Beach. There is always a great assortment of seasonal produce, and many people love the smaller products you don’t think of, like grains, honey and maple syrup. You can even find local goats’ milk soap! Located close the library, Beaches Green Market is on a smaller scale and very neighborhood-friendly if you’re trying to just absorb the quaint atmosphere.

#FrayLife Tip: This is a weekly occurrence on Saturdays from 2-5 PM, so you have a limited time window but the small size ensures you’ll find parking.

Jacksonville Farmers Market

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Located downtown, the Jacksonville Farmers Market is definitely the most popular farmers market around town. With over 100 current vendors, this place is awesome for a festive environment with outdoor bays while you score on great produce. They are really well-known for their ethnic foods, that are terribly difficult to find elsewhere, and their Mayport Shrimp! My personal favorite part about this place is the vagueness of their hours…They are simply open from Dawn to Dusk, which can be an opportunity to cram your way in there super early or super late for some good eats!

#FrayLife Tip: JFM operates 363 days of the year and is the oldest operating Farmers Market in all of Florida!

Riverside Arts Market

Photo Credit: Void Magazine

Known as RAM, the Riverside Arts Market takes place every Saturday from 10 AM-3 PM, rain or shine. Everybody will tell you this place is “under that one big bridge”, but I can more officially state that RAM takes place under the Fuller Warren Bridge in Jacksonville. The Riverside Arts Market features artists and small business but our focus is the farmers! Since RAM has a partnership with Florida Organic Growers’ incentive programs, local farmers that participate can double their cash as visitors purchase local produce! So a ton of vendors come, probably why Riverside Arts Market is the six-time winner for Best Farmers’ Market from Folio Weekly. Come on folks, and satisfy those taste buds.

#FrayLifeTip: Riverside Arts Market can have a ton of vendors, so they made an interactive map that allows you to search for a certain product if you are on quest for something specific or in a hurry.

Beach Blvd Flea Market

Photo Credit: News 4 Jax

Although the Beach Blvd Flea Market takes pride in the merchandise they sell, they should give some credit to the farmers because damn, the food is good and affordable. While they offer a lot of “Free Table Fridays,” where vendors can come set up for free, Fridays are also the exclusive day for the Farmers Market Frenzy. With over 200,000 square feet of shopping space, the Beach Blvd Flea Market is a great place to find not only the locally grown food of your choosing, but also any spare items you may need.

#FrayLife Tip: Ironically, while you can purchase veggies and fruits at this Farmers Market, they also have an International Food Court with both salty and sweet snacks from local vendors.

Whether you’re an aspiring cook looking for something new, or simply a healthy eater that distrusts packaged foods (and maybe a hypochondriac), the Farmers Markets in Jacksonville have got you covered. So saddle up, and get ready to find the best deals, for the best foods, all around town.

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