Jacksonville’s Newest Craze Finds Home at The Rowdy Pickle

The Rowdy Pickle. Photo by Ryan Roach.

It may come as no surprise that pickleball is the world’s fastest growing sport, and all the brand-new or already addicted pickleballers are scoping out the best places to play. In Jacksonville, there are various outdoor courts spread throughout the city, but the real question is: Where do you play when the weather does not cooperate?

The answer is The Rowdy Pickle, the one and only indoor pickleball court in the Jacksonville Beach area.

Rowdy Pickle’s owner, Ryan Roach, opened the establishment earlier this year. In speaking with him, it became clear that not only his love for pickleball inspired him to build an indoor court, but his interest in the community’s pickleball appetite played a large part in the idea for his business.

“I noticed a big surge of interest in the sport over the last two years and saw an opportunity to build an indoor court for people to play and get away from the unpredictable weather conditions in Florida,” Roach says. “A lot of my friends were traveling a good distance to find private courts to play uninterrupted games. So why not build one at the beach and turn it into a cool environment?”

The Rowdy Pickle is a pay-to-play indoor pickleball court. And because of the growing interest in the business, you may be wondering about the cost.

There are two annual membership options: The $200 Pickle membership, which is essentially a basic membership with the option to reserve the court up to seven days in advance. Or there’s the $600 Rowdy Pickle membership, which has some extra perks, like 10-day advanced booking, two guest passes per month and a cheaper hourly rate to play. If you become a member, you can reserve the court for $35-$40 an hour and split the cost with other participants.

If you are hesitant about the annual membership, you have the option to check out the Rowdy Pickle as a Daily Member, which is $30 – $35 per person for two hours of playtime. This option can only be applied once or twice before you would need to upgrade. The best way to inquire about a Daily Membership is to message the Rowdy Pickle Instagram page.

In addition to court reservations, Roach often schedules open play times throughout the week, where members can sign up to play for three hours for only $15.

The Rowdy Pickle has a great atmosphere. Not only can pickleballers have fun and competitive games, but the vibe is super unique. There is an area to lounge on couches and watch the games unfold, as well as the occasional livestream event.

“We still have not had an official grand opening yet, so we will be working on having an official event soon,” Roach says. “I am hoping to start our Rowdy Pickle League in the next few weeks where we will have a live draft with our current members. I also plan to set up a lady’s night on Thursdays and a possible corporate night for work events to use the space.”

Roach has been playing pickleball for about a year and a half. He says that when he first started at the local parks in Jacksonville “it was a very humbling experience.” And since then, he has made many friends through the pickleball community.

“I love that anyone can play it, no matter what type of sporting background you may come from,” Roach says. “I think whether you’re playing recreationally or competitively, it’s a great way to meet new people and a great source of exercise. It is also fantastic for networking and getting to know our community.”

The Rowdy Pickle: 725 Atlantic Ave. Atlantic Beach, FL; therowdypickle.wixsite.com // @therowdypickle

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