How Creativity Can Change Your Life


Monica H. Kang, founder + CEO of InnovatorsBox. Photo courtesy of subject.

How do you define creativity?

Creativity has always been defined in my mind as something not in my wheelhouse. I defined it as being good at something in the arts like painting, singing, dancing… Something you have to dedicate 10,000 hours to. It was black and white. Either you were an incredible artist or nothing. 

A lot of this was influenced by my parents. My Asian immigrant parents were not a big fan of cultivating my artistic side and focused on practical after school activities like Kumon (if you know, you know). 

When I started my business, I suddenly had to do many creative things. From designing my website, taking photos, crafting Instagram posts, to creating workshops. Everything I did had an element of creativity. I began to understand my limiting beliefs around creativity. I suddenly started to identify myself as a creative. 

Recently, I have added a few hours or a day a week just to create. By making space to do something creative, it creates a freedom in the mind. This activity can be painting, writing, learning a new instrument, or really anything that calls your name. The creative hobby is grossly underrated. And the benefits incredible.

Participating in creative hobbies and activities allow you to shift your mindset. Monica H. Kang, Founder and CEO of InnovatorsBox®, the author of Rethink Creativity,” says that “Creativity at the core means thinking and seeing things differently.” It also allows you to navigate change and uncertainty. “Creativity is born out of a lot of courage and curiosity. Change cannot happen unless we do something different. That something different requires courage.”

Creativity allows us to exercise other skills and muscles like courage, curiosity, and resilience. If you have ever experienced a block at work, taking a break and engaging in a creative activity allows you to shift your thinking. Essentially, you are moving into a more relaxed, focused state and so when you return to the task that was giving you trouble your mind is in a better place, a different place to address to problem.

Hati Rosato, owner of Definition Studio, turns to nature first when she feels uninspired or blocked creatively. 

“With our busy modern lives, it is easy to feel like you are being pulled from so many different directions every day. As a mom of two with especially demanding schedules, I definitely appreciate the calming and healing effect of nature.”

At the very least, rediscovering creativity will bring you more joy. When we operate from a place of joy, everything falls into place.

Questions for Reflection

What is my definition of creativity?

How can I incorporate more creativity into my everyday life?

What brings me joy?

Alice Hu is a corporate mindfulness strategist, intuitive business coach, and the founder of Woo Woo Company. She teaches mindfulness through tools like astrology, manifestation, and chakras to help you discover your truth and purpose. She offers 1:1 mentorship and creates custom mindfulness programs for organizations. Connect with her via Instagram or 202-918-3414. // @woowooco

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