#FrayLife Guide to the Ultimate Jags Game Day in 2019



So you are ready to wear the black and teal, cheer obnoxiously, celebrate the victories, and party at the TIAA Bank Field? Oh yea, you definitely are…Because we are BACK in football season.

TIAA Bank Field is one of the largest sports complexes in the NFL! As you get ready to start the pregaming and fandom, be sure you are totally prepared for what you can expect at the Jags Stadium this season!

Cabanas for the Big Spender – The North End Zone features tailgate cabanas. That’s right…pools, beer buckets, tents, the whole nine yards. You need a big pre-game group or a corporate event but you can reserve one of these for mucho dolares. But don’t fret, there are many more affordable options, too!

Bud Light Party Zone – The Bud Light Party Zone is located in the south end zone of the stadium on the main concourse and opens two hours prior to kickoff for any ticket holder. They have different game specials that they secretly promote through the gameday newsletter 4 days beforehand. This is where the “young adults” hang out.

Bar Rail Seating – So you have to be quite selective with your tickets to get in on this action, BUT the bar rail seats are where it’s at. You’ve got Dick’s Wings Rally Zone in the north end zone deck, the East & West Club Bar Rail seats on the Club patios, and the Bud Light [FRI]END ZONE in the south end zone. Talk about buddies, brewskis, and a ball game. 

#FrayLife Tip: At the Bud Light [FRI]END ZONE, you get the field-level view and can take advantage of the frozen bar, too! 

Boat Docking – You already know you’re a lucky ducky if you have a boat, but you’re even luckier if you show up on it for a pregame. The boat docks are located south of the stadium, along the St. Johns River. Picture yourself pulling up in a nice little speed boat, docking, and partaying with your squad before the game.

#FrayLife Tip: For information on boat docking for Jaguars home games, guests can contact the Jacksonville Dockmaster at (904) 630-0839.

Daily’s Place – There is always a ton of stuff going on at Daily’s Place… concerts, shows, and much more. And THAT is why Daily’s Place is also known as a great spot for pregame activities. This state-of-the-art facility is adjacent to the south side of TIAA Bank Field and also serves as an indoor practice facility! Time to get the group together and go have fun.

Tailgaters Parking – Downtown Jacksonville’s premier tailgating experience all starts at Tailgaters Parking! Located just east of the stadium, they offer clean bathrooms and a full-service bar (which you don’t normally get in good, old fashioned tailgating). It’s right next to their practice field, so you feel close to the action either way!

Old School Parking Lot Tailgating – Everyone loves a parking lot party, especially Jags fans. You can tailgate in all parking lots surrounding the stadium and even grill out, as long as you keep it contained. The walk from the parking lot to the stadium is definitely where you’ll find the drunkest fans stumbling to see the game.

#FrayLife Tip: A lot of people try to get a spot under the downtown bridge to grab some shade, so get a group of your friends, a cooler, and a grill, and go snag a spot!

Lycamobile Fan Entertainment Zone – In the southwest plaza and in Daily’s Place, the Lycamobile Fan Entertainment Zone is the premiere pregame party area for Jags fans on game day! Fans can get all the food, fun, and football activities they WANT, three hours prior to each home game. Be sure you check out this spot!

#FrayLife Tip: They have TVs that promote the NFL Red Zone, so that fans can keep up with any other games (aka, fantasy players) they may be missing.

Pet Paradise Park – Who wants their dog to have a good time while they play around at the Jags game? This first-of-its-kind in-stadium dog park features a large artificial turf play area, a bone-shaped swimming pool, palm trees, and a live Internet camera where fans and dog owners can see live footage of all the activities at the park. Don’t worry – the loving staff at Pet Paradise Park are watching your pup!

Designated Driver Program: Bud Light Good Sport – Safety first, everyone. To promote sobriety and safe driving, you can sign up to be a designated driver through the Bud Light Good Sport program. All those who sign up will be eligible to win a Bud Light prize package! Each designated driver will receive a voucher for a free non-alcoholic O’Doul’s beverage, too!

Other Favorite Places to Watch

Jacksonville Sports Tavern

The inside may seem small, but don’t let that deter you! With 2 outdoor patios, there is plenty of room to hang out before and after the game. And who doesn’t love the outdoors? You can’t beat the location or the food (or the beer..and we know that’s why you’re here).

#FrayLife Tip: They’re open until 11 PM on weekends, so plenty of time to still eat and get rowdy after the game!

Wicked Barley 

Ask anyone in Jacksonville and they LOVE this place. Aside from an awesome atmosphere, Wicked Barley includes a restaurant and taproom with multiple TVs, a covered patio, a boat dock, and a pet-friendly waterfront beer garden! YOU CAN GET THERE BY BOAT.

#FrayLife Tip: They have soooo many beer options, so even if you don’t have a ticket, this is a great place to watch the game and get buzzed.


With award-winning cocktails, Sidecar is the SPOT for those trying to keep it classy before or after the game. They have cocktails, beer, wine, whiskey, and everything in between! With good prices, they have an even better happy hour that’s hard to beat!

#FrayLife Tip: Happy Hour is from 3-7 Monday-Saturday and ALL DAY ON SUNDAY, which is GAMEDAY. Only $7 cocktails, so have at it!

While you’re getting ready for the start of the season against the Dolphins, don’t forget to have fun, to enjoy time with your friends & family, and GO JAGS.

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