Love Sipping Local Beers At Green Room? Don’t Miss the 50 Taps at Bottlenose Brewing!



Looking to get your fill of Floridian craft beers while being served some delectable food? You have come to the right place. Bottlenose Brewing is ready to serve.

Mark Stillman, the owner of Green Room, wanted to spice up his brewing experience. So he fired up Bottlenose! With Green Room specializing solely in beer and wine, by the beach, it gives you the perfect laid-back beach vibes that everyone wants, but you have to remember that they don’t have food.

“Green Room, we felt — and Mark felt — is perfect as a standalone location,” he said. “It has a super beach vibe and atmosphere that doesn’t cater to a second location that’s not at the beach,” said spokesperson Jordan de Lugo.

Hence, Bottlenose Brewing was born! With 50 taps and cans of only Florida craft beer, you can also please your growling tummy. Bottlenose serves to focus on local ingredients, with a kitchen to make bar food using higher quality ingredients. You get your selection of flatbreads, fries, chicken wings, pretzel sticks, burgers, sandwiches, and more.

Bottlenose actually popped up in the old World of Beer space in the Tinseltown plaza, so there is already so much established infrastructure – taps, brewing systems – to make this a great brewery.

But, wait, there’s more?!

Yep! Bottlenose Brewing has more than 10 TVs to make the brewery a great sports destination. With the large patio in the back, it is the perfect place for puppy-lovers too, if you want to bring your furry friend.

Whether you happen to be in the Tinseltown area or were simply thinking of swinging by the near Chick-fil-A, I recommend making your way over to Bottlenose. With a great atmosphere, a wide-open setup, and an amazing menu, you will surely be pleased.

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