Stick To Your Resolutions at These Amazing Local Fitness Spots



With 2020 in full swing, a lot of folks made a New Year’s Resolution to get fit or work on their health. Whether you’re one of those people or just searching for a less crowded gym to avoid those people, Jacksonville is just booming in the fitness industry! So lucky for you, you have an array of choices for your work out.

A Pilates Studio: Pilates sometimes feel like a mom type of workout, but the benefits are real. With resistance-based exercise, you’ll balance and tone your body and tighten those abs! A Pilates Studio also offers reformer and TRX classes in a spa-like setting. So, this is the place to work on both outer and inner strength through a nice pilates class. (A Pilates Studio // 5:30am – 7pm // $30+)

Bailey’s: Bailey’s comes with this stigma that you’re a meathead, but it’s not true, everyone! They just have great gym equipment, so you will see a lot of super fit people there. Bailey’s is great if you are looking for an affordable gym membership with a lot of locations and equipment. They are scattered about throughout Jax, and it is my personal favorite. (Bailey’s Gym // 24 hours with membership // $20+) #FrayLifeTip: If you sign up, you get a membership card that gives you 24/7 access through a special door.

CrossFit: Whether you’re looking to try this out on beachside or on Southside, CrossFit is all around town! So if you are truly ready to put on some muscle, I definitely recommend joining CrossFit. They try to keep class sizes around 15 people or less to keep it quite personal, and offer nutrition coaching as well. (CrossFit // 6-8 am and 12-8:30 pm // $15+)

Dance Trance: If you love to dance, Dance Trance is the place to be! Sadly, their San Marco studio was destroyed by Hurricane Irma, so they have moved all of their energy downtown. But the good news is that the new studio is taking off, and they are doing a new client special of 45 days for $45. Come on, y’all – now is the time to try something new! (Dance Trance // 5-7 pm // $20+)
#FrayLifeTip: Buying any of their class packages gets you access to all Anytime Fitness locations nationwide!

Define: Barre, cycling, and yoga…If you’re looking for a great overall body workout that really “defines” those muscles, you should check out Define in Jax Beach. The studio is relatively new and very chic, but the workouts are even better. I have experienced a barre class, first-hand, and I was sore for 3 days. Give it a try! (Define // 6am – 7pm // $23+)

Delta Life Fitness: This gym is exclusive because it’s women only – sorry, guys. But if my lady friends are sick of men staring at the gym, you should consider Delta Life Fitness. More importantly, what I really want to talk about is their class called “Rounds.” You test yourself by seeing how many rounds you can complete at each base, providing a challenging and rewarding fitness experience. (Delta Life Fitness // Various Hours // $50+) #FrayLifeTip: They have child supervision if you are looking to work out without worrying about your kids!

Drive Fitness: Ask anyone who has tried Drive, and they will just rave about their experience. Drive basically got started out of a garage and has certainly evolved! With turf, squat racks, free weights, and your own head trainer, you will feel the burn. Plus, the social scene is great so it keeps everyone coming back. (Drive Fitness // 6-9 am and 5-8 pm // $30+)
#FrayLifeTip: Your first trial is free, if you wanted to give it a (risk-free) whirl!

Focus Fitness: Focus is the perfect place if you want some of that one-on-one training with a personalized program. But, if you are more so just interested in trying a class, they have that too. On Saturdays, they do a lot of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), so you can really get that heart pumping. (Focus Fitness // 6am – 7pm // $35+)

MBody Yoga: They say yoga is good for the soul, so why not give it a try? PLUS, they are on Groupon (wink, wink). Burn some calories, tone those muscles, and relax your mind. With locations in both Southside and Neptune Beach, it becomes a lot more convenient to try, and your first class is free. Namaste. (MBody Yoga // 6am – 8pm // $35+)

Planet Fitness: Everyone under the sun has heard of Planet Fitness and has probably even tried it. If you are just someone who wants to periodically go to the gym with the most affordable membership out there, Planet Fitness is for you. Despite the reputation that it’s not as high quality as other gyms, Planet Fitness actually has great equipment and a ton of amenities. (Planet Fitness // 24 Hours with membership // $10+)

River View Fitness Center: With tons of fitness challenges, Zumba, and 3D body scans, River View Fitness Center is certainly on the rise. In the heart of downtown Jacksonville, RVFC is the spot to join, especially if you are looking to sneak in a smoothie real quick. It is inside the Aetna Building on Prudential Dr., and is a great place for a lunchtime workout. (River View Fitness Center // 6am – 8pm // $29+)

Title Boxing Club: I feel like boxing is becoming more and more popular, but particularly when it is springing up all over Jacksonville. Whether you’ve tried Title Boxing elsewhere in the nation or not, I recommend signing up for a class. They have a lot of deals and promotions often, too. Plus, your first class is free, aside from the $9 for hand wraps. (Title Boxing // 6am – 8pm // $30+)#FrayLifeTip: You can try a boxing class, kickboxing class, one-on-one training, or use a rink for some freestyle.

If you do some research, you can find even MORE gyms, fitness studios, and workout classes! But for now, I will sign off with this list. Now, happy 2020 and get that butt in action!

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