7 Reasons Why Social Sports are Becoming a Rite of Passage in Jax



Ah, friendships. They’re great, but they’re also not so easy to make when you move to a new city where you know practically no one. Well, we’re here to help in that department.


Sports are a long-standing bonding experience for people of all ages, so JAX Fray is bringing you the opportunity to make new friendships through social sports! Social sports are becoming more common in cities nationwide, and they’re now almost like a rite of passage for hard workers who still have a lot of energy in their systems.


Still not convinced? Here’s why we think social sports are essential for adults in new cities who might be struggling to find their people, or who might want to make their friendships stronger:


It brings us together…

Being a young adult means your friends are moving away to different cities for their “careers,” and you’re constantly meeting new people to integrate into your squad. It can be hard to form a solid group of friends when people are coming and going all the time. That’s why so many young adults in their 20s and 30s turn to social sports to build connections and liven up their social lives.

#FrayLife Tip: Our leagues are NOT just for recent college grads. We welcome any adults looking to get active and make new friends in JAX!


It’s an effective means of stress relief…

As a part of the wake-up and grind generation, you’re dedicated to working hard and playing harder. Just because you put in 50 plus hours a week at your corporate job doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice socializing and hanging out with your friends altogether. Social sports are the perfect way to break up the monotonous weekday routines– let off some steam, have fun, and forgot about tomorrow’s to-do list for a few hours.


It comes naturally to us…

Instead of struggling to get to the gym after work and forcing yourself on the treadmill, social sports allow you to get fit while interacting with other humans. You no longer have to choose between wanting to meet up with friends and needing to get a workout in because social sports are the best of both worlds.


It’s good business…

Team building isn’t nearly as effective when it’s only at the end of each big quarter. Get to know your coworkers and promote corporate wellness every with social sports leagues. There are even opportunities to get companies to sponsor teams for their employees!


It’s tradition…

Social sports are still relatively new to Jacksonville, so that’s all the more reason for you to get in on the action. The thing with JAX Fray is that we’re more than just a social sports company…we have a full team of event and media gurus who work to bring you multiple ways to bring fun to your life aside from sports. You can be a part of building the history of, hopefully, a lasting tradition for young adults in the city!

#FrayLife Tip: For all our yogis out there, we offer regular Glow Yoga so you can find your zen while making friends!


It bridges adulting and play…

Yes, these sports have been around for quite some time now, but it didn’t used to be acceptable to play them after leaving your middle school gym class or even your grade school playground. Playing social sports lets you channel your inner child while making meaningful connections to grow your network. Countless lifelong friendships, business deals, and even marriages have been born on the social sports fields )or in the bars afterwards).


It’s uniquely Jax…

Not only do we offer sports leagues downtown, but we also spread the fun as far as the ocean! You have the chance to sign up for leagues in both locations to venture out of your comfort zone or simply see a new part of the city. In addition, our leagues partner with local bars to allow you to keep the fun going after the games and get in on some drink specials you otherwise wouldn’t have access to. And get this…we’re the only social sports league in the area to offer skeeball as an organized bar sport!

#FrayLife Tip: While drinking with your teammates after a big win (or loss) is definitely a perk, drinking isn’t the main event. Everyone’s out there looking for a little friendly competition and chance to unwind.



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  1. I don’t understand this web site..I click on events…and it doesn’t tell me anything as to events and games coming up and details.

    1. Hi Pamela,
      Sorry you’ve been having issues. If you go to jaxfray.com/events you will find listings for upcoming events. Clicking the event category on this page filters for articles about events. I hope this is helpful!

  2. Hey there I’m interested in participating in women’s indoor volleyball! I would just like some more information if that’s possible! Thank you!