11 Spots in Jax Perfect for Warm Weather Dating



The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, cute baby animals are frolicking outside, so now you got one thing on your mind, ey? Dating.

That’s where we come in. Read on for some of the best warm-weathered date ideas all across Jacksonville to impress your special someone this spring or summer!

Northbank Riverwalk – You may think because you live in downtown Jax, you don’t have as many outdoor activities as they do at the beach. Well, you are happily wrong, friends. Grab your pretty pal and take him or her to many of the restaurants by the water (D&G Deli & Grill, Fionn MacCool’s, Chicago Pizza), and THEN, you can romantically take a stroll over the Northbank Riverwalk. With a fantastic view of the St. Johns River, lovey-dovey vibes will be in the air.

All Wet Sports – This place is great. Let’s say you want a nice date on the water but you don’t want to spend too much. All Wet Sports is going to save the day! You can get a tandem kayak for only $28.69 for an hour and a half, or you can both ball out on a standup paddleboard for $18.69 a person for 90 minutes. Great options, great prices. Treat your lucky lady and enjoy some scenic views out on the water.

#FrayLifeTip: They are open 10-6 Monday through Friday and 12-4 on Sunday, so don’t go too late!

Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp – Hey batter, batter, swing, batter, batter. We all know you want to chant this at some point, so grab your date and head to the Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville for some Jumbo Shrimp action! It’s even better if you’re dating a baseball fan. Tickets are cheap and the games go all throughout the summer. Hey, who knows, you could get on the Kiss Cam.

Downtown Atlantic Beach – If you’re really searching for the atmosphere of romance, Atlantic Beach is a great place to casually let it fall in place. With amazing restaurants like Flying Iguana, MShack, and Poe’s Tavern, you can bike to dinner with your date and then dash to the beach right after (but don’t actually dine & dash). As an added perk, there are a lot of ice cream joints for anyone looking to sneak in some extra time with their cutie pie.

#FrayLifeTip: If you’re in a more serious relationship, a lot of people love to take engagement photos in this area because it is so quaint and scenic. Just sayin’!

Photo Cred: Visit | Daily’s Place

Daily’s Place – Who else loves concerts outside? Daily’s Place is a great venue for those of you who want to bop your head around to some awesome music, arm around the waist of your date, and enjoy the warmth of the sun. With artists like Train, the Goo Goo Dolls, and Mary J. Blige coming this summer, it could be quite a memorable time.

#FrayLifeTip: Fun fact that Daily’s Place actually is located at the far end of the Jags stadium and is a shared space between their practice facility and the amphitheater!


Surfing at the Beach – It may seem a bit scary to try in front of your date (for the newbies), but the waves are super tiny in the summer and the water is crazy warm. I recommend that you sign you & your date up for a lesson at Jax Surf & Paddle and get out in the water! Or if you would rather try at your own pace, you can just rent a board and jump on in. If you’re better than your date, it could be a great opportunity to lay on the charm as you coach them through it.


#FrayLifeTip: They also have standup paddleboard lessons & rentals if you’d rather take it slower.

Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails Rooftop Bar – Chicken & waffles, filet mignon, seared salmon…is your mouth watering yet? Aside from a hearty menu, Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails has an incredible rooftop bar. You could go during their happy hour from 5-7 pm, get a deal on drinks, and get to know your date (all at an affordable price!), while you sit out and gaze over the Jacksonville Town Center from the rooftop.

Photo Cred: Lyndsay Almeida

UNF Trails – Protecting over 500 acres of natural habitat, the Robert W. Loftin Nature Trails behind UNF are a super scenic destination for you and your date. Whether you’ve reached the hand-holding stage or not, picture you both strolling along among a beautiful pond, plenty of palmettos, and even occasional turtles. There is even a cute little bridge hidden back there if you can find it.

#FrayLifeTip: It costs $5 to park in the Trails parking lot if you are not a UNF student, but access to the trails is completely free!

Great Atlantic Country Music Festival – On Saturday, June 15th, prepare for the annual Great Atlantic Country Music Festival by the beach. Talk about a perfect double date opportunity! The festival is completely free and you can craft a perfect squad with 2 couples who love country music. You also have all of the beach bars close by if you want to start off with a nice buzz.

Southside Park – If you happen to be in the quaint San Marco area, then you are in luck! Let me set the stage for you…You pick up your lovely date, you swing by Southside Park and stroll through all it has to offer, maybe you even play some tennis, and then you end the date by heading to Aardwolf Brewery closeby. You get time outside with your date and you have a brewery as a backup plan. Win, win.

For all the Jacksonvillians searching among the fish in the sea…or maybe you’ve hooked a fish and can’t tell if you can reel it in (I am done with the fish analogies, now)…indulge in all of the perfect outdoor date spots that you can find! It’s sunny and warm, which means love is in the air.

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