Our Mission: At Jax Fray we’re on a mission to make fun possible. Through social sports leagues and special events, we help you connect with friends, making new ones and play more often. All of our leagues, policies & rules are built to support the #FrayLife mission!

Pickleball 411:

All good games have some guidelines. Here’s some to keep you playing all season long:

  • Games play on Thursdays, and run weekly from 6:30-10:00pm

  • For the Social Division only, Team Roster Size is a minimum of 3 players. Any teams of 2, will be assigned a free agent. The intermediate division may sign up with just 2 players. 
  • Dates and times subject to change based on permits and availability and other league logistics. Number of teams to make the final tournament based on number of teams & league logistics.

  • This is a social league; we're all just out there to have a great time!

Players have 4 sweet ways get in on the action:

  1. Create a Group/Team (Choose your group name and the max numbers you plan on having, 2 players minimum, 4 players maximum)
  2. Join a Group (People who want to play together, but don't have enough to field a full team)
  3. Join a Team
  4. Join as a Free Agent (Sign up by yourself to be placed in a group to meet other AWESOME People!)

Dates subject to change based on permits and availability and other league logistics. 

Important Dates

4/11 - Week 1
4/18 - Week 2 (T-Shirt Week)
4/25- Week 3 (Late/Missing T-Shirt Deadline)
5/02 - Week 4
5/09 - Week 5
5/16 - Week 6
5/23 - Week 7 (Tentative Playoff Week)
5/30 - Week 8 (Tentative Playoff Week)

Dates and Game Times subject to change based on permits, availability and other league logistics.