Pumpkin Spice + Everything Nice: Products to Spice Up Your Fall, Part 1

As we bid farewell to what was arguably the weirdest summer of our lives, I for one look forward to ushering in a new season filled with cooler weather, cozy clothes and of course, pumpkin spice lattes (PSL). If you’re like me, these babies being all the rage has been the hallmark of a new season for years now, and you need more than just a latte in your life to properly celebrate fall. Stock up and spice up your life with these products that are good enough to eat. None of them are edible, though, so please don’t actually do that. Just grab another PSL.
Photo from @native on Instagram.

Squeaky Clean Pumpkin Spice
If your pumpkin spice consumption is not already high enough to make you smell like the latte 24/7, why not grab this natural deodorant and body wash from Native? I’ve been using both for a few weeks now and can report that whether or not you’re a fiend for the latte, the sweet cinnamon, vanilla and slight coffee smell is a nice and cozy one. Deodorant (available in regular and sensitive): $12 + Body wash: $8. www.nativecos.com.Fall for Moisturization
After you scrub down with your PSL body wash and apply your deodorant, keep the fall party going with Hempz limited edition Pumpkin Spice & Vanilla Chai products. Between their body mask and body moisturizer, you’ll smell like all the fall things. Moisturizer: $19.99 + Mask: $17.95. www.hempz.com.

PSL Poopuri
Yeah, you read that right. Even Poopuri, the spray that masks all your bathroom business, has entered the pumpkin spice market. Treat your toilet bowl to a spritz of their pumpkin chai and leave your bathroom smelling like your local coffee shop on a crisp fall morning. $9.99. www.poopuri.com

Read My Pumpkin Spiced Lips
If you want to taste pumpkin spice on your lips at every hour of the day, look no further than these luscious lip products. Sarah Happ’s signature lip scrub is taken to new fall heights with this pumpkin spice version, and Burt’s Bees pumpkin spice chapstick will keep your lips moisturized post-scrub. Craving a pop of color? Too Faced’s seasonal liquid lipstick this fall just happens to be none other than Pumpkin Pie, a warm and festive orange-red with a pumpkin spice scent. Lip scrub: $24, www.curederepos.com. Lip balm: $9.99, www.amazon.com. Liquid lipstick: $22, www.ultabeauty.com

Your Body Is a Pumpkin-land
And last but not least (for this installment – that’s right, we have more PSL products to discuss later), how about some random but really fun pumpkin spice things to add to your collection? First up is pumpkin spice running shoes from Saucony. While I can’t guarantee that they smell like the latte, the white, orange and burgundy colorway will surely motivate you to lace up, get out and enjoy all things fall. And for applying all your fall makeup looks, grab some pumpkin-infused makeup sponges from Sephora. The pumpkin powder in the sponges will ensure your skin stays moisturized, perfect for cooler fall weather. Shoes: $89.99, www.saucony.com. Sponges: $16, www.sephora.com.

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