Try a Slice of Pizza from these Picture-Perfect Places Throughout Jax

Everybody loves a good slice of pie. Vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, or full-on meatatarian – pizza is perfect for everyone! If you are curious to know where you can grab a good slice in Jacksonville, read on.

Al’s Pizza
Who could have predicted I would include Al’s? Al’s Pizza is a great choice because their pizza is amazing, prices are affordable, and they have SIX locations across town. Plus, as an added perk, they have $1.50 slices Monday through Friday between 2-5 p.m. (Six locations)

Biggie’s Pizza
If every other place on this list doesn’t peak your interest, I sincerely recommend giving Biggie’s a try, at the very least! Starting with a small (but insanely popular) location in Jax Beach, Biggie’s has expanded to the historic 5 Points area in Jacksonville. With classic choices and gourmet pies, the pricing is good but the taste is even better. (1333 3rd St N, Jacksonville Beach and 1053 Park St, Jacksonville)

Napolis Pizza Cuisine
Over in the Arlington side of town, Napolis Pizza Cuisine is stealing hearts. Once a taco hotspot, Napolis has been converted to a dearly beloved pizza establishment. The building is a bit run down, but it only adds charm. With daily specials, prepare to make your tummy happy and help your budget. (5624 Arlington Rd, Jacksonville, FL)

Renna’s Pizza
A personal favorite of mine, Renna’s has a great selection with high quality ingredients. But you pay more for this treat, so keep in mind that Renna’s is not as cheap as some of the other options. With great pizza and dinner selections, tasteful beers, and 5 locations across Jacksonville, Renna’s Pizza is always a safe bet. (Five locations)

Rojas Pizza
Rojas feels a little more like a lunchtime pizza joint because they have an early closing time of 5:30 p.m. most days. So if you happen to work or live in downtown Jax, take advantage of a nice lunch at Rojas! They have all the works – garlic knots, cheesy bread, pasta, and of course, pizza. (
440 W Adams St, Jacksonville, FL)

V Pizza
You may have heard people babble about the delectable taste of V Pizza, and they aren’t wrong. With a delicious artisan menu, V Pizza is crushing the pizza game at eight different locations, with six across north Florida. People love the more customizable styles and crispy, tender entrees. (Eight locations)

Zeus Pizza
For my San Marco folks, why not give Zeus Pizza a whirl? Pizza is always good but with stuffed shells and excellent lasagna too, happy customers are simply raving about this food! Happy hour is also great, with $5 cocktails from 3-7pm on weekdays. And they are on Grub Hub for anyone that prefers it be conveniently delivered.(1402 San Marco Blvd, Jacksonville, FL)

With such an extensive list of pizza places, I hope that your tummies may be full and your hearts may be happy next time you’re in the mood for a slice.

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