Owner of Ten Salon, Sheila Powers Alesch, Gives the Inside Scoop on Beauty Trends

Ten Salon. Photo courtesy of business.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Ten Salon Owner, Sheila Powers Alesch, about emerging beauty trends and the role Ten Salon plays in keeping their customers happy and savvy. Ten Salon has two locations, both in Ponte Vedra Beach and Neptune Beach, and offers an array of services, from hair and makeup, to a full-service nail salon.

“I founded Ten Salon in 2000 after traveling and studying other salons and hotels in NYC, London, and around the world,” Powers says. “Researching service and hospitality helped me define how I wanted Ten Salon to operate. What makes us different is our close, valuable, and lasting relationships with our team and our many guests. Ten Salon has a culture that has been built over the years and people and relationships are really the most important aspect of our business. Maintaining a growth focused culture year after year is a challenge that keeps me motivated.”

With two locations and over 55 employees, I wanted to know more about beauty trends their team is seeing on the day-to-day.

Powers shares, “As we head into fall and winter, some beauty trends we are seeing are retro cuts, long and short versions of the shag, 90’s bobs and flippy layers (think of Farrah Fawcett).” 

“Curtain bangs and baby bangs are also on trend, which can be gorgeous when added to a haircut without committing to a huge change,” Powers continues. “As far as color, soft balayage and natural stays relevant, with chunky highlights making a comeback. Also, the ‘money piece’ is in, which is a big chunky highlight in the front. These are all gorgeous trends and can be done in sophisticated and wearable ways.”

With so many of us locked down during quarantine, with limited access to salons and hairdressers, the beauty industry is obviously back on the rise now that folks are excited to attend public events once more. Powers states that their salon has been busy, these days, with customers who are looking to have their hair and makeup done.

I also inquired about beauty tips, especially for anyone on a budget or too busy for a salon visit.

“Some of our top beauty tips are to not only take care of your hair, (not just weekly masks and night serums), but to also take care of your scalp,” Powers says. “Scalp health is just as important as the skin on your face. There are scalp scrubs and hair treatments that promote healthy hair growth and sometimes get overlooked. Another tip is to invest in a good blow dryer. If you style everyday, the quality of the dryer makes a huge difference. We see heat damaged hair all the time and that is the thief of shiny, youthful-looking hair.”

If you want Ten Salon’s assistance with maintaining the “shiny, youthful-looking hair,” you may be wondering what brands and services they offer. Their most popular brands are Kerastase, Oribe, R and Co BLEU, and Carrie Wilson Make-up. In December, come and receive a Kerastase conditioning treatment, with proceeds going to The Jay Fund, a fantastic organization that helps families dealing with childhood cancer.

Typically, Ten Salon prices range from $50 to $150 for haircuts and blowouts and $50 to $250 for color, depending on the technique, hair length and more. Men’s haircuts are usually anywhere from $38 to $96. 

“It is always recommended to come for a consultation, and we will be happy to quote prices then,” Powers says.

After discussing beauty trends and the way that Ten Salon accommodates these fashion statements,Powers elaborated on the ever-shifting standard of beauty for women.

“Standards of beauty have definitely changed over the years, and we believe for the better,” Powers says. “Women are embracing their natural hair, as well as their skin and body types more than ever before. While beauty standards have changed over centuries, it is so refreshing to be in the time we are in. Social media has played an important role, as women support and promote diversity in our looks and fashion choices.”

Powers is a wealth of information for all the women out there who are curious what direction to take their hair or makeup style. And to make it even easier, Ten Salon is obviously here to help.

“Ten Salon has become Northeast Florida’s gold standard for salons in the area, and we are so proud to influence the service industry landscape that way,” Powers says. “We hope to continue to grow and elevate our guests’ salon experience even more in the future.”

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