How to Make the Most of a Jags Game Day

Spa Cabana. Photo by Marvin Jones.


The whole city of Jacksonville gets pretty hyped on football Sundays, especially watching our newest quarterback: Trevor Lawrence. Whether you have tickets to the game or want to spend your day downtown soaking in the excitement, your official game day guide is here. We’re offering our best tips for tailgating like a champ,  finding the best grub, and enjoy a great day at TIAA Bank Field.

Bud Light Party Zone
If you are one of the lucky folks who has tickets to the game, go enjoy the Bud Light Party Zone in the south end zone. With built-in bars, garage doors that open up to the field, and over 50 televisions, you can socialize with all your friends without missing a second of the game. A premier outdoor entertainment venue, the Bud Light Party Zone allows you to be close to the field while also serving a great beer selection. TIAA Bank Field South End Zone: 1 TIAA Bank Field Dr., Jacksonville, FL; // #budlightpartyzone

Eva’s 1925 Sports Bar & Grill
Having only been open for nearly 2 years, Eva’s 1925 Sports Bar & Grill is relatively new to the Jags’ game day scene. “We haven’t been open for many game days yet, but a lot of people come here to watch the game. We have happy hour specials. We have a hot bar special that we do. I typically cook grains, cabbage, yellow rice, mac n’ cheese, and a whole variety of stuff. The hot bar items change every day. Our most popular item is probably our chicken wings. People love the chicken wings!” said Head Chef, Shawnise Way. In addition to an awesome menu, they often have DJs and always have a great atmosphere! If you haven’t been before, Eva’s could be the spot to go on game day. Hours vary. Eva’s 1925 Sports Bar & Grill: 736 A Philip Randolph Blvd, Jacksonville, FL; // @evas1925_bar_and_grill_ 

Tailgaters Parking
Definitely a cool option for those attending the game or those who simply want to socialize on game day, Tailgaters Parking allows folks to purchase a parking spot online, for this premier tailgating experience. The Tailgaters Parking lots feature a full-service bar and grill, clean restrooms, grass lots, and plenty of other people looking to mingle. You can also simply renew your seasonal parking online and keep it rolling year-round. Tailgaters Parking Offices: 1010 East Adams Street, Jacksonville, FL; // @tailgatersparking

Southbank Riverwalk & Water Taxi
If you are looking to meander around downtown Jax but distance yourself from the craziness, the Southbank Riverwalk is a great opportunity to take a relaxing stroll with some scenic views, especially in the evening time. Bordering the St. Johns River, you will see boaters, shorebirds, and the downtown skyline’s reflection on the water. Plus, the St. Johns River Taxi also runs along this riverwalk, if you want to enjoy that option as well. Self-proclaimed as “the best ride to the game”, the St. Johns River Taxi also has sunset cruises and dolphin cruises, in addition to their game day transportation. It’s only $15 per person for an all-day pass! Southbank Riverwalk & Taxi Dock: 1001 Museum Cir. , Jacksonville, FL; // @rivertaxiandtours; // @southbankriverwalk 

Premier In-Stadium Seating Options
For the people looking to spend big bucks for a best-in-house seat at the stadium, you have many options, depending on what you are looking for. You have the Terrace Suite, which gives guests an exclusive gourmet buffet, complimentary beer and wine, and seating that overlooks the south end zone with the option to float between the warm outdoors and AC-powered indoor lounge area. That option is about $250 per ticket. There are also the Bar Rail seats, which provide you a seat with great field visibility on the bar rail of the FanDuel Party Deck. Depending on your ticket option, you may have food and drinks included. This is typically $150 per ticket. Lastly, and this is arguably the best place to be, are the Pool & Party Deck Cabanas. Obviously, you would want a large group, as this option is $4,000-$9,000 per cabana. But you can watch the entire game through the see-through glass, while in the pool. It is all-inclusive food and drinks. If you are ready to spend a pretty penny, these are your best options at the Jags Stadium! TIAA Bank Field: 1 TIAA Bank Field Dr. , Jacksonville, FL; // @cabanasuitesateverbankfield

If you score tickets to the game, then you have a whole array of in-stadium options to make the most of your experience. If you are soaking in the Jacksonville game day craziness on the stadium outskirts, there are so many bars, restaurants and parks to enjoy in the area. Whatever the case, every day is a good day to be a Jags fan.

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