Honey Hounds: An Exclusive with Nick Izzard

Honey Hounds. Photo from honeyhoundsmusic.com.

Since they arrived on the scene in 2015, Honey Hounds have been a fan-favorite in Jacksonville. Originally starting as a trio and growing to a band of four now, Honey Hounds blends traditional western music with rock n’ roll and the blues into a lively and energetic sound.

In speaking with one of their singers and guitarists, Nick Izzard, I got the scoop on their origins.

“We started with three original members and now have a new fourth member, our incredibly talented Max Zargon on the keys,” Izzard says. “All of the original members started as acquaintances from Ocala. Tyler and I moved to the keys to live on a sailboat and wrote the first record, ‘No Sleep.’ Nate helped facilitate the move to Jacksonville and became the third member of the band.”

The band members include Nick Izzard on vocals and guitar; Nathan Ranew on bass and vocals; Tyler Watts on drums; and Max Zargon on the keys.

Izzard got his start in music at the age of 9, when he received his first guitar. He spent years practicing before officially entering the music industry, with live performances, at age 15.

I also was eager to know the origins of the Honey Hounds band name, whose strong local fan base continues to grow. 

“We wanted a name that showcased the sounds and lyrics we were trying to create,” Izzard explains. “The name brings feminine (honey) and masculine (hounds) energy together and is the underlying relatability our fans have to our songs.”

While many bands have strict genres, Honey Hounds blends a variety of styles, including rock n’ roll, blues and funk. Izzard describes their band’s genre as “funkadelic blues rock with a pinch of pop sensibility.”

 “it gives you a sense of freedom and energy without boundaries,” Izzard notes of their eclectic brand of music.

This inevitably leads me to wonder if they are playing their own songs or playing as a cover band. 

Nick explains that they are very proud to write and create their own music.

“Writing and producing original music is one of the most gratifying experiences, because I’m sharing what inspires us with the audience, in hopes that it turns them on, like it did us,” he says.

Since they have played in many different places, among many different crowds, I inquired a bit about Izzard’s venue preferences.

“Thus far, my favorite place to play was Suwannee Park, but Lynches is my favorite local spot. I like big crows in small rooms, so that I can feel the energy of the people. It feels like hot and sweaty electricity.”.

And as the Honey Hounds look to the future, they will continue to build on their legacy through a busy performance schedule and the introduction of new material. 

“We have more festival lineups and single releases to promote our upcoming album [‘Can’t Get Enough’],” Izzard says.

A few of those events include the Rust and Rebel Fest in Sanford, FL on November 27, as well as a gig at The Funky Biscuit in Boca Raton, FL on December 18.

If you haven’t listened to their music yet, it is time to join the Honey Hounds bandwagon. And if you are already an established fan, get excited for many more opportunities to see them around Jacksonville and listen to their upcoming album.

To learn more about the Honey Hounds, visit honeyhoundsmusic.com or follow them on Instagram @honeyhoundsmusic.

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