Break Out Your Bike and Hit These Jax Trails This Spring

The sun is bestowing us with warmth once again! So now it is time to take advantage of it and get outside. What’s one good way to do this? Biking! So for all my bikers out there who want to branch out from just beach cruising, read on to find all of the amazing trails around Jacksonville.


Jacksonville Baldwin Rail Trail – Cool fact about the Jacksonville Baldwin Rail Trail is that it was originally bought by CSX as part of a nation-wide goal to turn abandoned railroad lines into parks. It is 100 ft. wide and goes on for 14.5 miles! It’s a completely paved trail and great for all bikers and rollerbladers alike.


Guana State Park – This park in Ponte Vedra is very popular for hiking and biking! With nearly 10 miles of nature trails and old service roads, Guana State River Park is the go-to for not only biking, but fishing, bird-watching, kayaking, and canoeing. They have a $3 entrance fee, which is a small price to pay for a good time and a dirt bike trail.



The Beach and Peach Urban Park – On the southeast side of Jacksonville, Beach and Peach Urban Park was built by riders, for those daring cyclists. The goal of this park’s bike trails is to just plain-out have fun. There are a ton of jumps, hiking trails, and fishing.


#FrayLifeTip: Keep in mind that Beach and Peach is more extreme, with jumps and hills.


Hanna Park – Aside from awesome waves, frequent triathlons, and camping spots, Hanna Park has SICK bike trails. With over 20 miles of trails for mountain bikers and the whole fam, you can enjoy all that the park has to offer for only a $5 entry fee.


#FrayLifeTip: Many Jacksonvillians consider these trails to be the hardest ones, so be ready to ride.


Yellow Water Trailhead – Recently purchased with the Grant Award Agreement, the Yellow Water Trailhead is awesome for anyone looking for nature trails to bike or simply enjoy. The Grant also requires restoration of uplands and wetlands, so this place is getting a lot of positive attention for anyone else interested in checking it out.


Tillie K. Fowler Regional Park – With short and really rideable trails, Tillie K. Fowler Park is great spot to step up your riding game. If you’ve got a hectic day and want to get a quick ride in, this is a great park just for that purpose. Tillie also has trails that go through pines and wetlands, so you have a lot of scenery to take in along the ride.


A1A Ocean Islands Trail – If you’ve got time and are willing to go the distance, the A1A Ocean Islands Trails is a long, beautiful ride. You start at the Amelia Island Bridge, continue through to the Talbot Islands, take the St. Johns River Ferry ride, and carry on through Mayport, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Jax Beach, and Ponte Vedra Beach! Prepare for a fun 40 miles!


Little Talbot – Surfers come to Little Talbot for the waves but you know who else comes? The bikers! With a paved 2 and a half mile trail, an off-the-road maritime forest ride, and a hard-packed sand ride on the beach, you have so many options to just RIDE. Bring the bike of your choosing or you can rent one!


Amelia Island Trail – This scenic ride runs along Florida’s northeastern coast and parallels Highway A1A. It is a 5.7 mile paved trail, lined with trees. You can get your best road bike and petal to the metal, but you also have the option to kayak and ride horses on the beach!


Whether you are searching for gravel trails, paved roads, or simply somewhere to happily cruise on your bike, Jacksonville has a lot of options for some good ‘ole biking. So get out your beach cruiser, road bike, or mountain bike and hit the trails with your pals! When you do, share the fun with us by using #FrayLife #JaxFray.


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