Stretch Your Dollar without Sacrificing Your Fun by Taking Your S.O. to These Budget-Friendly Date Spots in Jax




Running out of spots to go on a cute date?  but are you also looking for a way to stretch a dollar? look no further, as Jacksonville gives you plenty of ways to do both.

Whether you want a restaurant with some affordable food or just a romantic atmosphere with a good price tag and maybe some top-notch drinks, read on for the solution to all your problems.

Jacksonville Beach Pier

After Hurricane Matthew destroyed the Jacksonville Beach Pier’s structural foundation in October 2016, it was deemed unsafe and all visitors were restricted from using it. After months of long-awaited anticipation, we’re excited to say the Pier finally reopened on March 1st of this year!

Fishermen, spectators, and all alike are flocking to the Jax Beach Pier to enjoy the ocean view once again, and the best part is that it only costs $1 per person. So if you have an upcoming date and need an affordable spot with some stellar views, the pier will cost you $2 in total, assuming you are a kind person and pay for your date.

#FrayLife Tip: If you want to step up your game, The Pier Cantina is a restaurant located right next to it, where they offer $5 Sailor Jerry and $5 Tullamore Dew all day, every day!

Catty Shack Ranch

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Haley enjoying the pool 🙈 thanks to #earthworksjax & volunteers and workers here & more pools coming 😎 come see all the Animals here & see who’s going to enjoy the big pool Next!! Tigers love to swim 🐾🐾 come on out and see 😎 Hope to see you out Wednesday , Friday & Saturday gates open 6 p.m. Every Thursday & Sunday's gates open at 1 P.M . 🐾🐾 @cattyshackranch #cattyshack #cattyshackranch #iknowjax #visitjacksonville #visitflorida #bigcatsofinstagram #jacksonville #jax #thingstodoinjax #bigcats #igersjax #igers_staugustine #jaxmomsblog #florida #jaxlocals #904 #datenight #whatsgoodjax #fun4firstcoastkids #jax4kids #duval #onlyinduval #news4jax #cattyshackranchwildlifesanctuary #jacksonvillefl #happytiger #tigertalk #thingstodo #stufftodoinjax

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For anyone that is a fan of animals and loves petting zoos, the Catty Shack Ranch is a way to experience animals up close and personal, while also providing a cheaper alternative to a zoo. As a non-profit organization, Catty Shack Ranch has a goal to provide a safe environment for endangered big cats (and a couple other little creatures) where they can stay and be loved forever. The cool thing for visitors is that you can get tickets to see, and even feed, the tigers, lions, and other cats.

Catty Shack does Daytime Tours on Thursdays for only $10 ($5 for kids!) and Enrichment Tours on rare Sundays for the same price. If you want to really get an even more fulfilling experience, you can do a Nighttime Feeding for $15. So if your date is an animal-lover and isn’t afraid to feed a lion, this is the spot to go!

#FrayLife Tip: Catty Shack Ranch is Trip Advisor’s #1 attraction in Jacksonville!

Hanna Park

With people flocking to Hanna Park for the surfing swell, biking trails, kayaking, paddle boarding, and camping grounds, you’ll have a number of outdoor activities to keep you occupied for a great cost. If you’re looking for more of that casual dating experience, Hanna Park offers the options to rent either single-seat or double-seat kayaks (for extra coziness with your date) from Adventure Kayak Florida for $15 and $25 an hour respectively. If you know your date pretty well and are trying to speed it along to the next level, you can go the camping route for about $20 if you have a tent or $33 a day if you want a cozy cabin. Regardless, Hanna Park has some nice prices for the outdoorsy couples.

#FrayLife Tip: Alcohol is technically not allowed in the park but if you’re sneaky when you drink it, nobody really cares.


Located in the quaint beachy town of Atlantic Beach, Brewz, The Filling Station is known for their free giveaways and local craft keg beer, as well as some well-known national alcohol beverages. Even if all you do is sign up for their email list, you get a free growler! A lot of Fridays pop up where Brewz will give away free pizza and free fried chicken, enticing food-filled people to buy some thirst-quenching beer. So if you have a date and want to get a bang for your buck, take him or her to Brewz on a Friday and stuff your face with free food. But if your date doesn’t call you back because you pigged out too hard, that’s not my fault.

#FrayLife Tip: Brewz actually has 4 taps specifically for serving wine straight out of a keg, in addition to their 40 taps dedicated to beer.


Of course, a movie is always a great date idea, but if you’re looking for the most affordable theater, Tinseltown has some awesome deals. With the typical adult ticket cost of $10.25, it seems a bit expensive…but HOLD UP. On Tuesdays, they have a deal where ALL movies are only $5! So maybe you are pretty busy on a Tuesday but if you can manage to find some free time with your date, that is the day to do it. Also, Tinseltown offers a lot of discounts through certain work-affiliate programs, so sometimes your employer actually comes in with a clutch deal. If you are looking for some great entertainment with your date…and the lights down low (wink, wink)…this is the movie theater we recommend.

#FrayLife Tip: Tinseltown has some super comfortable, reclining seats that seal the deal, but take advantage of the reserved seating online because this theater is super popular for that reason.

Whit’s Frozen Custard

Whether you are trying to have a quick, last-minute date that’s casual or just had an amazing dinner date and want to secretly spend a little more time (but not money) with your date, Whit’s Frozen Custard has got your back. With an array of delicious choices, you can get a single scoop cone for only $3.50. And just $4.50 for a double scoop!Or if you’re a guy that is still single (and really smart), you can bring your adorable dog to Whit’s for a $2.50 doggie sundae, which will obviously impress all the ladies around and maybe you will actually secure a date for the future…#evilmastermind.

#FrayLife Tip: Whit’s actually started in Ohio and now has 5 locations in Jacksonville, and it’s still growing because it is soooooooo good!

No matter your income or relationship status, there are so many options in Jacksonville for an affordable date! Just remember, you can’t put a price on happiness. Show us your date pics by using #FrayLife and #DcFray!

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