Ask Alice: Why Is Everyone Telling Me to Manifest?


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What is manifestation? Why is everyone in wellness using this word? 

The buzziest of buzzy wellness words, manifestation is co-creating your dream life with the Universe. We’re actually always manifesting whether you realize it or not. How are we doing it? Pay attention to your energy, your mood. It’s understanding these things that creates your reality. Your mindset is everything. 

I repeat, your mindset is everything! We are always manifesting whether we realize it or not. I work with clients every day on shifting their mindsets to create a different reality. When we create from a place of scarcity or another low vibe (negativity, stress, etc.) we call in something at the same vibration. Like when you don’t have good self-worth and always have jobs that don’t pay you enough. 

When we create from a place of abundance and higher vibrations like love and gratitude, these manifestations tend to stick around and be in more alignment with what we truly want. What you focus on is what grows. Take a moment to reflect on where your attention goes throughout the day. Be aware of your thoughts. Manifestation is the conscious awareness of how you move about in the world and how that affects your reality. 

For those who are already exploring manifestation, don’t get discouraged if what you want isn’t coming in. Be curious and know that many people who speak about manifestation don’t take into account the systemic racism and/or privilege that prevents us from getting to that desired mental state. If you’re coming from a place of privilege (financial, emotional, physical safety, etc.), it’s easier to manifest. Don’t give up. Reach out to those who are also trying to change their lives for the better. And ask the Universe for help. She’s got your back! And you can join my manifestation workshop this month if you need some guidance! Information below.

Need some magic to help you out? Check out local witch and candle maker Wendy of Bruja Power Botanica. Warning: they work. If you need some help with shifting your energy, connect with an energy healer. Yael Flusberg is a Reiki master, yoga teacher, and much more! 

How do I manifest love? 

I get this question ALL the time for manifestation. 90% of the time it’s career or love. Sometimes both! There can be a desperation when it comes to love, or rather a deep longing. You want it so much that it’s energetically wound up around you. There is a tension and frenetic energy to this wanting and constant rumination of love. That’s not your fault – I blame popular culture and media.

To manifest love, write a list of all the qualities you want in a person. Next, see what feeling each bullet point represents. Let the feeling be your guide. Don’t let the details distract you – this works. Don’t roll your eyes!

Second tip: Relationships are a mirror for personal growth and awareness. Notice your vibe right now: that’s what you’ll be attracting. Think about your past relationships and notice what patterns are showing up. Those are the lessons you need to learn. Work on cultivating your energy so the right person just magically appears in your life. Be fun to attract fun. Be independent to attract independent. Be bold to attract bold. You get the gist!  Also, work on your baggage because that can cloud your judgement and ability to be in a healthy relationship. 

Need some help kickstarting the manifestation process? Join Alice for Manifestation 101: Aligning to the Vibration of Your Dream Life workshop on May 19 at 8 p.m. Text her to get the link or email via 202-918-3414 or shoot an email to [email protected]

Ask Alice is a column by Alice Hu of Woo Woo Company. Alice is a local D.C. expert on mindfulness and her business is all about introducing crystals, manifestation, meditation, energy healing, and more in a practical and accessible way. Get all your spirituality and woo woo questions answered. Or ask any question to get a spiritual answer back! // @woowooco

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