A Guide to Remixing Your Fitness Routine

Trainers at The Camp Transformation Center.

If you’re looking to challenge yourself to make some healthy post-holiday lifestyle changes, kicking off a new fitness journey is the perfect way to begin your journey. The idea of “getting fit” is often in the top five of New Year’s Resolutions, but unfortunately, it is equally the most unaccomplished resolution come the end of the year.  

Creating a consistent fitness routine doesn’t happen overnight, but one of the fundamental factors to becoming disciplined is to enjoy what you’re doing. Sometimes a daily visit to the gym can be too mundane or intimidating. Whatever the scenario, it might be time to remix things up. That’s why it’s essential to find an activity that excites — and challenges you.

Whether you’re a newbie or an avid trainer aspiring to shake up your habits, Jacksonville has something to fit everyone’s needs and to help you slash through your fitness goals one rep, jump, stride, or choreographed step at a time. Note: All descriptions courtesy of studios and edited for clarity. 

Brandon Fitness
Voted the best local gym three years in a row, Brandon Fitness, founded by Brandon Warren, is the place to be if you need a trainer who will hold you accountable and keep you disciplined. Brandon Fitness has classes for circuit training, powerlifting and high-intensity workouts. He offers personal and virtual training sessions as well. Tip: don’t come late for a session, or you’ll be sure to pay for it. Brandon Fitness: 5730 Bowden Road, Jacksonville, FL; iambrandonfitness.com // @iambrandonfitness; @bodybybran

Cycle Bar
Put the Cycle Bar’s promise to “calm your mind, elevate your mood and revive your senses” to the ultimate test when you hop on your first bike ride. The Cycle Bar is an excellent choice for someone seeking to pump up your heart rate just as much as you want to pump up the volume. Get your adrenaline flowing as you rotate the pedals and push yourself to the limits in one of their six classes tailored to all fitness levels. Get your first ride free. Cycle Bar: 5010 Gate Pkwy., Jacksonville, FL; cyclebar.com/location/gateway-village // @cyclebargatewayvillage

Define: Body & Mind
Define: Body & Mind is a studio where poise and strength training creates a harmonious workout. “Define Body” is a class that combines Pilates, yoga, core training, and ballet to build strength and enhance flexibility. The “define bounce” class is a high-intensity barre style workout that will have you on your toes with the use of a trampoline, perfect for those seeking to “build muscle definition while being easy on [the] joints.” Define: Body & Mind: 1854 3rd St. S. Jacksonville Beach, FL; jacksonville.definebody.com // @definejacksonville

Diva Dance Studio
Dancing is for more than those mini-performances you give your mirror every morning while you’re getting dressed for work. Dust off your dancing skills, grab a friend and “slay your cardio” together at Diva Dance Studio. No previous dance experience is required to have a good time and work up an even better sweat. This hip-hop dance studio has choreographed dance workouts to popular tracks like Cardi B’s “Money” or Beyonce’s “Formation.” New clients can sign up to try the experience for free for 10-days. Dive Dance Studio: 11035 Philips Hwy. Unit 5, Jacksonville, FL; divadancecompany.com //@divadancejacksonville

The Camp Transformation Center
The idea of going to the gym and trying to figure it all out alone can be a daunting process for anyone. Luckily, The Camp Transformation has done all of the thinking for you by offering classes for all fitness levels and corresponding nutritional plans. Through extensive programs like the “20-pound Weight Loss Challenge” or the “6-Week Hardbody Challenge,” The Camp is dedicated to helping you smash through your fitness goals. You can also register for a complimentary day pass to discover the best fit for you. The Camp Transformation Center: 7999 Philips Hwy. Unit 104, Jacksonville, FL; thecamptc.com // @camptcfranchise

Row House
Row House recently hit the Jacksonville scene as the newest member of the fitness club. They offer six different rowing class types that also incorporate floor work segments with interval training styles fit for beginners to the well-versed crowd. It’s the ultimate three-in-one 45-minute workout: full-body, cardio and low impact. The dimly lit atmosphere paired with the music and sounds of everyone rowing in-sync will take you on an experience that only a free class can validate. Row House: 1561 San Marco Blvd. Jacksonville, FL; therowhouse.com/location/jacksonville-san-marco //@rowhousesanmarco

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