9 Places Serving Up Serious Vegetarian and Vegan Dishes in Jax




Maybe you’ve been a vegan or vegetarian for a while, or maybe it’s something you’re considering now that it’s 2020, or maybe you just love eating great food even when it’s meat-free. 

Whatever the case, there are plenty of yummy vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants springing up all over Jax! Here’s a list of some of our favorites dishing out the plant-based goods to get you started on the right (healthier) foot!

1. True Food Kitchen

They have a couple of meat options for those of you that may be dragged along with a vegetarian, but True Food Kitchen has a ton of great vegan & vegetarian options! Their big focus is on conscious nutrition, so you can bet your bottom dollar that the menu is quite healthy! Plus, it’s delicious for anyone that loves squash and avocado. (True Food Kitchen // 11am – 9pm // $$)

2. Southern Roots Filling Kitchen

A true vegan café in Jacksonville, Southern Roots Filling Kitchen has a great menu of delicious breakfast foods, like sweet potato-quinoa patties and loaded avocado toast, while also offering salads and sandwiches. BUT, there’s more! You can buy certain items and baked goods in bulk, if you want to stock up! Give her a try. (Southern Roots Filling Kitchen // 7am – 4pm // $$)

3. Green Erth Bistro

With tons of skewers and kabobs, Green Erth Bistro has quite a tasteful menu. You have the option to eat meat, so you’re not locked into vegetarian-only choices, but I will say that those vegetarian options are quite good…eggplant paninis, vegetarian subs, and vegan ice cream! Bring your cute, animal-loving date here! (Green Erth Bistro // Various Hours // $$)

4. Shakti Life Kitchen

Vegan. Organic. Raw. Plant-Based. Whatever you want to call these animal-free options, Shakti Life Kitchen’s got it! Shakti Life provides a ton of options at their online store & for delivery. A bit different than a sit-down restaurant, they add their own unique twist in that you can pick up and take out, but most people just place bulk orders online! (Shakti Life Kitchen // Various Hours // $$)

#FrayLifeTip: They have this super unique trait from the RAW food movement, where everything created is “cooked” at 115 degrees or less.

5. House of Leaf & Bean

House of Leaf & Bean is all about nutritious plant-based proteins in an effort to help reduce our carbon footprint on the planet. With omnivore options aplenty, there are also a variety of vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and low carb options! Smoothies, teas, and rice bowls are just a couple of scrumptious options. (House of Leaf & Bean // 11am – 9pm // $$)

6. Murray Hillbilly

If nothing else, you MUST check out their website. It is quite well done! Plus, they feature so many pictures of food that you will probably end up going to the physical restaurant. Considered “vegan southern comfort”, Murray Hillbilly is definitely a twist on your typical meat-loving rednecks! So why don’t you give the “Darn Tootin” or the “Dad Gummit” a try?! (Murray Hillbilly // Various Hours // $$)

7. Kathy’s Table

Kathy’s Table is quite unique. They have tons of meat options if you are looking to bulk up, but they also offer quite the assortment of plant-based meals. They have 5 meal plans – Skinny, Paleo, Arnold, Sugar, and Healthy so that they can encompass everything you are looking for. With pretty reasonable price points, I recommend giving them a whirl! (Kathy’s Table // 9am – 7pm // $$)

8. Zoe’s Kitchen

In my personal opinion, Zoe’s has some of the BEST Mediterranean food. They are definitely known for their amazing chicken skewers, but they offer so many vegetarian options, too! Quinoa, cauliflower rice, falafel, and more…This one certainly makes your tastebuds happy. (Zoe’s Kitchen // Various Hours & Locations // $$)

9. Tossgreen

The perfect place for salads, wraps, soup, and veggies, Tossgreen is always ready to serve. Imagine you’re on your lunch break from a hard day at work and Tossgreen is within close driving distance. I already know your mouth is watering thinking about their healthy smoothies and delicious, crunchy wraps. Get on it, people! (Tossgreen // 10am – 9pm // $)

Did we miss anywhere in or around Jax that is serving up seriously delicious vegan or vegetarian food? Next time you’re chowing down on some awesome veggies, share your meal with us by tagging #FrayLife #JaxFray on social!

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