4 Things You Need to Know about July 4th in Jax



So everyone gets excited for the 4th of July – you usually get a day off of work or a playday away from school, and you have a great excuse to pour back some drinks for the stars and stripes. Well, nobody does this better than Jacksonville, land of the 4th of July.

So let me tell you about all the party-hard festivities that Jacksonville has to offer!

1. The Whole City is Biking at the Beach

Photo Credit: WOKV-Jacksonville

Usually, a city shuts down major roads for parades, But for Jacksonville Beach, a ton of roads are shut down because everyone is biking. Look left, look right, look up, look down – all you see are beach cruisers. This is the best day to put on your swimsuit, grab a beer, and just bike along 3rd Street from party to party!

#FrayLife Tip: The biking is alongside the beach from Atlantic Beach all the way to south Jacksonville Beach so you have to be beachside to enjoy this 

2. Cooler Trains are Super Cool

Photo Credit: Kreweser.com

The secondary form of travel is a cooler train. Ever hear of a motorized and rideable cooler? Me neither, until I came to Jacksonville. Most of the Jax crowd will strap a ton of these motorized coolers together to form a way to share a ride on a device made to chill beverages. Then, everyone and all their friends ride the cooler train around.

#FrayLife Tip: Watch out for the cooler trains because they will run you over with no mercy.

3. House Parties are Huge

 When the 4th of July comes around, there is no exception. House parties are just raging on 1st Street from door to door. If you have any friends, or friends of friends, that live super close to the ocean, take advantage of their house for the 4th of July. 

#FrayLife Tip: These house parties are normally packed with booze, but a ton of people set up water slides! Everyone goes all in for a good party on the 4th.

4. Don’t Forget the Fireworks

 If you’re calming down from the madness on the beachside and want to get away, the St. Johns River in Downtown Jacksonville will have beautiful fireworks around 10 PM and live music. You can see the show from the Riverwalk on either side of the St. Johns, or try the rooftop of Intuition Ale Works. If you’re still beachside, then head to the beach around 9 PM and watch them light off the fireworks right over the pier. 

Photo Credit: Flickr

#FrayLife Tip: Downtown bars and the beach bars are close to both of these respective viewing spots so you can party on afterward if you still have the energy.

Jacksonville obviously goes all in for the 4th of July, but the party scene really goes down at the beach. If you ever are in the Jacksonville area and looking for some fun on the 4th, buy a beach cruiser and hang on for the ride.




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